The way to "automatically resign if pregnancy" needs to be deepened

A few days ago, a company requested that female employees who resigned automatically once they were pregnant automatically attracted attention on social media.The promise letter wrote: "I solemnly promise that once I am pregnant during the work of the company, I will leave the employment automatically and give up any economic compensation and relevant legal responsibilities of the unit." The reporter contacted the female employee who posted the post.The situation is true, but because it has not been left, it is inconvenient to be interviewed "and refuses to tell more details.

This promise has aroused heated discussion among netizens. Some netizens believe that this company is too unreliable: "Barely violated laws and regulations such as labor laws and trade union laws." Some netizens directly asked: "Isn’t the boss born from a mother?Some netizens broke the news: "I have been told since the first day of work and will not give me important positions, because they have to marry and have children in the morning and evening …" The company asked female employees to sign a letter of "automatic departure".Both from reason and legal levels are ridiculous.

Women enjoy the right to work equal with men according to law, and at the same time to enjoy the right to children in accordance with the law. Of course, they also have the freedom of fertility. This is a well -known common sense.The fertility acts stipulated in the law are the basic rights of citizens, and employers should safeguard the rights and interests of female employees.The "Women’s Rights Protection Law" clearly stipulates that no unit may reduce the salary of female employees due to marriage, pregnancy, maternity leave, breastfeeding, etc.Obviously, the company’s request for female employees to sign the above -mentioned exemption commitment is a discrimination and violation of female employees’ labor and fertility rights.

Regarding the legitimate rights and interests of female employees, the state has made more clear regulations in labor law, and localities have also increased protection on the basis of national legislation.For example, the "Labor Law" clearly stipulates that when female employees during pregnancy, maternity leave, and breastfeeding, employers shall not terminate the labor contract;Wages, dismissal, lift labor or hire contracts.The state stipulates that women have 90 days of maternity leave. In recent years, legislations have generally increased women’s maternity leave days.Maternity leave is the longest one year, with an average level of 158 days.

Back to the above news, according to the lawyer, if the promise book violates the true meaning of the workers, it is signed by the laborer in order to keep the work and be helpless.An invalid clause.Since it is an invalid clause, why does the company still formulate such a commitment?In fact, people with eyes can see that this is not the company’s "not enough understanding of the law", but because the enterprise is "too cunning", it is playing the legal ball, it is a doubtful illegal act due to its own interests.In terms of basic ethics in daily life, such behavior also lacks some humanity.

In reality, the situation of trying to use various ways to make female employees "automatically leave" due to pregnancy.Some companies require female employees to apply before pregnancy, set the time limit for pregnancy; some make female employees have to leave the employee automatically without giving a postponement of pregnant female workers.Women encountered the secret discrimination in the workplace, so that they had to look forward to it when giving birth.The country’s policy of encouraging fertility should not stay on paper.How to avoid problems such as "automatic resignation" and better protect the rights and interests of women in the workplace during pregnancy. In addition to strengthening regulatory and law enforcement, relevant departments need to explore the way of cracking in depth.

The phenomenon of fertility discrimination for female employees has a long history, and there is a corporate economic cause behind it.The situation of "automatically resigning" in the workplace is needed, and it is urgent to jointly build a positive maternity support system.(Fu Biao)

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