The whole leg becomes purple!It is also crazy!Hangzhou 33 -year -old female strong woman was sent to the hospital urgently

Three circles on the left, three laps on the right, shaking your thighs, shaking your calves, and you have to move.

Although many people say that shaking legs is a problem, it is easy to get sick for a long time without shaking their legs.

For those who think that "life lies in still", not moving, in addition to "bone bloating", it may also cause severe deep venous venous thrombosis in the lower limbs.

Yang Zi (pseudonym) is the activity planner of a Internet company in Hangzhou. At the age of 33, she has a strong work and a younger person. She has become the head of the team at a young age."Female strong woman".

Not long ago, Yang Zi led the team to carry out an important event planning. In order to hand over a perfect planning book, she sat from the morning to night for a few days.When I got up, I could n’t care about drinking. When I was tired, I lay on the table and slapped it. The whole person was like “long” on the seat.

From the beginning of April, she felt that her left calf was sore, and she was not very comfortable to walk. She thought she had no rest and didn’t pay special attention to it.

I don’t want to be around 8 pm on April 3rd, but she feels stiff and unable to move her left leg, and take a closer look. The whole left leg is already purple -red.One hospital.

In the emergency department of the First Hospital of Zhejiang University, the doctor contacted Deputy Chief Physician Li Donglin for consultation."At that time, her left leg was swollen, purple -red, and her left leg was obviously thicker than her right leg." Li Donglin recalled, "But she is quite calm, sitting on the bed with a laptop and computer at work."Essence

Combined with Yang Zi’s condition and daily work, Director Li Donglin diagnosed her as deep venous thrombosis of her lower limbs. When she learned that she had been taking contraceptives, she was more firm."Because the hormones in contraceptives can cause high blood condensation, coupled with her usually not move, it is easy to form deep venous thrombosis." Li Donglin explained.

After detailed examination, Yang Zi’s thrombus extends from the calf vein, vein, and femoral vein to the iliac vein, which is equivalent to the venous blood vessels from the left calf to the waist position.The tension is very high and belongs to a relatively serious type. Continue to develop, it may cause left -legged necrosis.She was urgently treated in hospital and infused with anti -coordinate and thrombolytic drugs. The next day, the doctor surgery her thrombosis for her, and at the same time placed a bracket at the left iliac vein.

Throst is a "blood cock" made of blood coagulation in blood vessels. Like the silt in the river, small thrombosis may affect the speed of blood flow, and large thrombosis may block the blood vessels.When thrombosis appears in vein blood vessels, it is called venous thrombosis, including deep venous thrombosis and pulmonary embolism.

In deep vein thrombosis, deep vein thrombosis of the lower limbs is the most common, especially deep vein thrombosis of the left lower limb, accounting for about 80%. Vascular anatomy found that the left iliac vein of the human body is inherently oppressed, and the blood flows from the right iliac vein.People are more likely to have deep venous thrombosis.Usually manifested as leg swelling and soreness.

Once the deep vein thrombosis of the lower limbs falls off, it is likely to travel with blood flow, blocking blood vessels that supply blood to the lungs, causing pulmonary embolism, and severe cases of critical life.

Three major factors of venous thrombosis

Pay special attention to these types of people

There are three major factors in the occurrence of venous thrombosis: slow blood flow speed, inner wall damage of blood vessels, and high blood condensation, which are usually produced by these factors.

Little activities and long sedenties lead to slow blood flow. Those who do not move or have little activity for more than half a day are high -risk groups.For example, office staff, programmers, elderly people or patients who have been in bed for a long time, Director Li Donglin also often encounters patients who are obsessed with games for several days and play mahjong for a long time.

Drugs, hormones and other stimuli can cause high blood condensation and increase thrombosis risk.Patients with tumor patients, patients with psychotropic drugs, patients taking hormones, and women who take contraceptives should be paid special attention.

Pregnant women are also high -risk people of venous thrombosis. One is due to changes in hormone levels in the body, and the other is due to the lack of pregnant women during pregnancy and postpartum activities. Especially during confinement, under the influence of the traditional concept of maternal cannot move more.Increase risk.

Vein thrombosis prevention

"Moving" is the key

In fact, the core concept of venous thrombosis is "multi -movement", avoiding long standing, sedentary, and lying for a long time, and keeping the blood of blood.For most patients who stay in bed after surgery, venous thrombosis can be used to prevent venous thrombosis with elastic socks, instead of instep, and passive exercise.

There are no particularly obvious symptoms in the early days of venous thrombosis, and it is particularly easy to be ignored. Because of this, many people wait until they discover the disease.If the calf is sore, mild swelling, and uncomfortable walking on the ground, the symptoms lying on the bed are relieved. Please do not ignore it. It is likely to be an early symptoms of venous thrombosis.

Intravenous thrombosis can be treated by general treatment, drug treatment, surgical treatment, etc.

1. General treatment

Raise the affected limb; rest in the acute stage of venous thrombosis, rest in bed, avoid calf massage squeeze, etc.; Using venous active drugs.

2. Basic treatment

Basic therapy is through drug anticoagulation, and anticoagulation requires a sufficient course of treatment. Generally speaking, long-term anticoagulation is required for at least 3 months. In some cases, it can be extended to 6-12 months or even longer.Determine according to the patient’s condition.

3. Surgical treatment

At present, surgical treatment is the most fundamental and thorough method for treating venous thrombosis. Through thrombolysis, suction, thrombus and other surgery, the blood clots in the venous blood vessels are thoroughly removed and the possibility of recurrence is reduced.

Source: Qianjiang Evening News/Zhejiang 24 -hour reporter Zhang Miao Correspondent Wang Rui Hu Fengfeng

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