The whole pregnancy will experience 9 kinds of pain, one is more uncomfortable than one, pregnant mothers must know to deal with small tricks

Introduction: What kind of pain would you experience throughout pregnancy?Is there any question that needs attention?

Chatting with pregnant mothers will always hear a lot of sounds called bitterness, toothache, stomach pain, pubic pain, many men scoff, "Hum, pregnant, isn’t it a woman’s unique function? How can it be so serious!"The man was attacked by group.

Everyone who has experienced pregnancy knows that in October, pregnant in October is spent in all kinds of discomfort.The pain of the body will always stimulate each of our nerves in different periods. Some feel the pain is terrible, and some of the stomachache are so painful. Each mother feels a bit different. Think of their pregnancy.After experiencing the following pain.

1. Toothache

After pregnancy, the teeth will become sore due to hormone changes. Generally, there will be toothache in the early stages of pregnancy. I remember that it lasted for a month at that time.

In the second trimester, as the fetal demand for calcium increases, if calcium is insufficient, it is easy to cause toothache. Many mothers say that they have a good teeth during pregnancy.

2. Breast pain

After pregnancy, the first increase is breasts. The breast ducts begin to develop and increase the breasts, preparing for breastfeeding in the future.We suddenly found that the breasts became hard and rising, and this feeling felt that it would slowly adapt to the third trimester.Some will leak milk in four or five months, and understand this phenomenon in advance.

3, stomach pain

After pregnancy, the uterus increased, the uterine round ligament was pulled, causing stomach cramps. We will feel that it is painful, and it will usually last about a week.As long as you can bear the stomach pain and have no symptoms of bleeding, it is generally normal.In the third trimester, if there is a false contraction, there will be slight abdominal pain, similar to the pain of menstruation.

4. Back pain

After the uterine increased, in order to maintain a standing posture, we had to tighten the muscles of the back to maintain our body balance. The waist was in a state of tension, which made us feel pain.When sleeping, it will also pull the muscles of the waist and cause pain.Others are caused by the posture of the fetus and uterine compression.

5. Headache

At four or five months of pregnancy, the demand for iron in the fetus increases. If the iron stored in the body is insufficient, we will feel anemia, and anemia will cause insufficient oxygen supply of the head, which will feel a headache.I had a headache at 5 months of pregnancy. I found that it was caused by anemia. It would be good to supplement the iron in time.

6. Stomach pain

During the pregnancy, due to the effect of hormones, the digestive function of the stomach decreased, and too much food was not digested.By the third trimester, as the uterus increases, it will move up the stomach, and the stomach capacity will be further reduced and the digestive function will be affected at the same time.Because of these two factors, the stomach often has a burning pain.

7. Belly pain

After the belly increased, the belly was tightened, the belly became thin, and it was somewhat painful, especially the navel eyes, and it felt a little painful.If the skin elasticity is not very good, I do n’t like to exercise very much. Stretch marks on the belly will grow, and it will feel itchy and itchy pain. This is caused by the skin fiber.

8. Pelvic pain

By the third trimester, the symptoms of pelvic pain are very obvious.The fetal head compresses the sciatic nerve, causing sciatica.After the muscle ligament is relaxed, it will cause the tailbone to be separated from the sacrum, the unstable of the sacrificial joints, and the unrealistic function of the pubic bone.

9. Calculatory pain

If there is a situation of calcium deficiency and fatigue, it will also cause calf cramps. Most mothers have experienced this pain. I have also experienced.It’s hard to fall asleep.

Some pain during pregnancy are natural physiological phenomena, and it is fine after that time.But some can also avoid and relieve.Timely calcium supplementation can relieve the problem of toothache, pelvic pain, and calf cramps.Timely ironing can relieve headaches.A small amount of meals can relieve stomach pain.Easiting moisturizing oil on the belly can relieve the problem of belly pain.Do not stand for a long time. Pay attention to rest. When rest, the waist is padded with a pillow to perform back stretching movements to relieve back pain.Do not wear too tight clothes to prevent compression of the chest and give a certain loose space, which can relieve chest pain.

In short, it is common to experience various pain during pregnancy. Pay attention to adjusting diet and movements in time to relieve the pain of pain.

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