The widow fell asleep under the locust tree, woke up and found that he was pregnant. After the child was born, the big tree was bleeding.

A long time ago, there was a widow. When she was young, she lived with a son.She lives a frugal life, and weaving gave her son to read.Her son is also angry.In the year of the big test, I got the first place.The emperor heard that the new senior scholar was raised by a widow.He was deeply moved and immediately described the government and county in his desire to praise the chastity archway of his mother tree.

The eight villages in Shili praised the hard work and happy life of the widow.It’s time to enjoy Qingfu.After his son became famous, he married a beautiful daughter -in -law.The son is filial, and his daughter -in -law is virtuous.Widow Wang is very happy.Later, his son went to a government in the south to take care of his family and took his family to take office.There is a thousand -year -old locust tree in the courtyard.Its branches are full of leaves and fruits.Half of the yard was closed in a cool place.One summer night, Widow Wang took a cold under the old locust tree and hit a cricket. When he woke up, he felt uncomfortable.

Three months later, there was a big fist on the abdomen.Because it doesn’t hurt or itch, Widow Widow is not serious.9 months later, Wang’s abdomen was getting bigger and bigger, just like a pregnant woman, his son and daughter -in -law were anxious.They invited the old doctors to visit their mother.The doctor closed his eyes and checked the pulse for a long time. He said to Wang, "This is not a disease, but a hi pulse. When her son and daughter -in -law heard that the widow had a child, they were very shocked.. She has no one outside. This must not be a man, it must be a monster. A few days later, Widow Wang gave birth to a fat and white son. She said to her son, "I have a child in my old age.Great office.

In addition, you also need to invite relatives, friends, and lively ‘’.The son and daughter -in -law obeyed the order of the mother and immediately went to do it.On the day of the full moon, there were a lot of friends at home.Widow Wang ordered the maid to grind a knife quickly.He took the child out to see everyone.Everyone was disgusted and secretly said that the widow’s chastity archway must be dismantled, and her son dared to deceive the emperor.But as soon as Zhifu appeared, people quickly praised him.Unexpectedly, Wang took out a fast knife from the quilt and opened the quilt of the package.With a knife, the child’s belly was shaved.There is a string of locust seeds in his stomach.It turned out that Wang was attacked by Huai Jing and gave birth to a child when he was beaten under the locust tree.Widow Wang must do this.Because her eldest son is now in his position, he can’t let his son face faceless because he is face.Only by doing this can he restore the innocent reputation of himself and his son, which is admirable.Zhifu Minglu chopped the locust trees. When the old locust trees were opened by more than a dozen Yamen servants, there was blood in the middle of the trunk.When people saw it, they were surprised.

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