The wife in the boyfriend’s game was upright with a pregnant belly and found me that she was pregnant and the child was my boyfriend.

On the day he was engaged with my boyfriend, he didn’t rush back in time because of the plane.

His "wife" in the game found a pregnant belly and found me and said she was pregnant.

The child is my boyfriend.

I nodded calmly and packed up and let Xian.

A few months later, the girl asked me to meet in a cafe, and I handed her a boyfriend’s medical examination report:

"1.5 million to buy your shares in your hand, isn’t it too much?"


On the day of 520, the engagement banquet with Gu Jingming was held as scheduled.

But the actor was absent.

When I walked to a quiet corner and asked for a call to ask about the reason why he was absent, a strange woman captured my phone and fell to the ground.

I frowned and saw her upset stomach, and pressed the anger and scolded:

"Miss, do you have a problem with your brain!"

The woman saw me roaring her, her tears fell without warning, and they pumped forward and didn’t wait for me to talk.Essence

"Sister, please don’t marry Brother Jingming, my child needs a father!"



I took a breath, watching the colorful big cake face that was confused by tears, and tried to think about who she was.

"站, how do you stand here! This is"

Gu Jingming’s mother shouted my nickname intimately, but changed her face when she saw the woman kneeling on the ground.

"Why are you here?"

As soon as she said this, I immediately raised an eyebrow to look at Gu’s mother.

She was surprised that she was frustrated, and she glared at the woman kneeling on the ground with some regrets, and pulled me to leave.

When the woman saw her about to leave, she immediately stood up and squeezed me aside, and she called a mother with a big flower face.

Gu mother looked at the woman with a iron face, and her eyes seemed to be going to crush her.

At this moment, Gu Jingming’s phone called in a timely manner.

I picked up the terrible but still strong mobile phone on the ground.

Pressing the free -term exemption, Gu Jingming’s magnetic voice became.

"Wife, I love you so much, don’t be angry, I decided to punish myself for two hours durian to add a fun!"

I haven’t had a mouthful yet, the woman rushed over to grab my mobile phone, and Gu Jingming coquettish at the other side of the phone:

"Husband, you must be the master of love and love, they are all bad people, they are bullying me and children!"

I cooperated with applause to express my affirmation of her.

"Gu Jingming, the engagement banquet was suspended. Come here first, I think I need an explanation!"


I took off my long skirt and replaced it with a black casual dress. I was afraid that it would not look good to wait for the blood to splash my clothes.

Looking around but not found a weapon, he simply raised his hand and unloaded a chair leg.

I was in my hand, and my heart was a little sorry, and the stuff was still lighter.

I was sitting on a Tai Shi chair, with Erlang’s legs brushing vibrato.

Before Gu Jingming, he heard the unjust voice of him crying.

"Wife, I am wronged, I really don’t know this woman. You must check the autumn, you can’t wrong the good people!"

"I give you a chance to quibble and start your performance."

Gu Jingming was choked by my words and didn’t know how to follow.

"Xunzi, don’t be angry, love love is my girlfriend, we met the game. I wanted to open a trumpet at that time, and borrowed Mingge’s ID card.Wedding banquet. "

Sure enough, Gu Jingming’s good brother, this green hat can grit his teeth and wear his head.

I looked at the three interested, and the legs in my hand knocked on the ground unconsciously.

I can’t get into sand from my eyes, and my temper is even worse.

Gu Jingming and I can also thank my sister for their wedding.

Last year, my sister got married, and I became her bridesmaid.

What I didn’t expect was that things like vulgar marriage would make me encounter.

My sister and I were sitting on the bed to play with their mobile phones. A group of big men broke into the wedding room. As soon as they came in, they pulled us.

My eyes were flashing aside, but my sister’s friends were not so lucky.

She was pushed down on the bed, and the two men pressed her under her skirt to unlock her underwear.

I have a bad temper, can this tolerance?

I took off the high heels and pulled off the skirt of the outer layer of the skirt. One step forward was a few big pockets.

The crowd who was still laughing was silent.

I looked at the two men who still pressed the bridesmaids, and raised the high heels with a smile and smiled, pointing at them with the countdown:

"The number of labor and capital is to the third. If anyone is still lying on her, I will open a hole in your brain! One! Two!"

Before three, the two men quickly got up, one sorted out a suit, and the other pants were taken off.

The crowd around began to talk about.

The man who took off his pants was shameful and angry and wanted to pull me forward.

"Who else wants to compare with your grandma!"

Gu Jingming was shocked by my handsomeness, stupidly up.

I raised an eyebrow and glanced at him, and then pointed at the best man group of "heavy casualties":

"Can I pick up my kiss now?"

The men stood in a row respectfully, and the atmosphere at the scene was unexpectedly harmonious.

When we ate at night, our position was coincidentally arranged together.

He was sitting beside me, his eyes looked at me from time to time, and he avoided it when I looked at him.

I was full of mobile phone, and Gu Jingming’s mother looked at me with a smile:

"I remember you and my family Jingming are a university! You can walk more after you do n’t add a WeChat."

Zhizi Mo Ruo’s mother!

I saw Gu Jingming a thumb at his mother.

I helplessly found the QR code business card and Gu Jingming’s WeChat.

Gu Jingming chased me for three months. I comprehensively considered his various aspects and finally promised him to become his girlfriend.

In order to surprise him, I appeared in front of him at 00:00 on the day of 520 and confessed the first.

He moved me up, and said excitedly in his mouth:

"你, I love you, if I leave you, I will die!"

I buried my head in his arms, hugging his waist with both hands:

"I hope you can say it."

When we were home, Gu Jingming flattered a gift box.

I took the gift and opened it. A diamond necklace was lying there quietly.

I have another advantage, that is, it is better.

Just now the girl named Ai Ai seems to be a set of necklaces on the ears.

"I remember this necklace should be a set, where is the earrings?"

Gu Jingming’s face was stiff, and then he hugged me to coquettish with grievances:

"起, I’m sorry, I’m incompetent. My money is only enough to buy one necklace. When I wait for the next time, I will give you a complete set next time."

I nodded and motioned him to let go.

The rich second generation crying was really unheard of.

I don’t know if I was used to the wine sac and rice bucket, and I didn’t even know my mind.

"I’m a little hungry, you go to the kitchen to cook a noodle for me."

As soon as Gu Jingming heard that I was hungry, I immediately got up and went to the kitchen to cook my love noodles.

I rubbed my eyes a little tired and wanted to keep my eyes closed on the sofa for a while.

At this moment, the news of the mobile phone WeChat sounded a bit.

I picked up the phone and glanced, but found that I took the wrong phone.

"Brother Ming, love love to see you, she is lying on, she is now climbing to the balcony, you hurry up and coax her! Otherwise, you really want to make a lives!"

I frowned and put my phone back to the original place, with a layer of haze in my eyes.

It’s so good!

The red flag at home does not fall, and the color flags are fluttering outside.

Gu Jingming called me to eat with his noodles. I sat at the dining table, randomly picked the noodles, and ate a small mouth.

Gu Jingming held his face with one hand, and the two small dimples were looming.

"Is it tasty?"

I looked at him a little, and unconsciously stacked him with another figure in my mind.


"Ory it, are I so delicious? I was moved to you!"

"Ah?" I touched my cheeks blankly, and I cried unknowingly.

He reached out and wanted to wipe off my tears, and I avoided my head.

He put his hand back embarrassed.

"Just now your phone rang, do you want to see?"

I stretched my fingers and pointed at the coffee table, and his phone ringing rang in a timely manner.

The indifference in my tone made him feel sad in his eyes, and he bit his lips without speaking.

I just raised my feet to the coffee table and took a look at the mobile phone, but the face became extremely ugly.

"才, have you moved my phone just now?"

"I have a mobile phone myself, why do you want to take you? What can I not watch in your mobile phone?"

I want to get up and walk to him.

He quickly shook his head and hid the phone behind him.

"The company is a bit urgent. I go out and put the bowl in the pool after eating, wait for me to come back and wash it."

I nodded, walked to his side, pulled his tie, leaving a tip to a kiss on his cheek.

He was excited to hold me a French kiss, but was rejected by me.

"Some things I still want to stay when I get married."

His eyes looked at me brightly, and finally kissed on my cheek.

"越, I really love you more and more!"

I nodded, smiling and sending him out.

After he drove away, I closed my face cold, sitting back on the dining table again, and took out a wet paper towel to wipe the place where he had just kissed.

Really her mother’s disgusting!

The harmful labor meals are spit out!

After the engagement banquet, Gu Jingming’s mother gave me a set of gold accessories to compensate me.

I was happy to accept the full order, and the mother called one by one.

Ai Ai didn’t come to me again. Gu Jingming came back to cook for me during this time, and tried to play a good gentleman.

Everyone seemed to have forgotten what that day.

I am not the kind of trouble to find people. Since everyone wants to decorate the peace, I am also willing to accompany them to perform.

On the day of the Qingming Festival, Gu Jingming wanted to take me to sweep his grave for his grandpa.

I rejected his family’s grave sweeping him.

I opened the safe, lying in a white dress lying inside.

In order to be able to put on this skirt all the time, I not only go to the gym every week to exercise.

Even eating is eaten by volume.

Gu Jingming also played with me like a robot with precise installations.

I drove to the flower shop, and I bought a bunch of red roses to the cemetery.

I came to a tombstone in a light car, and my lover was buried here: Xiao Yi.

I put the flowers in front of Xiao Yi’s tomb. He smiled as always, and the small dimple with a lips was looming.

I touched his photo, and he had left me for five years without knowing it.

"Xiao Yi, you see how good the white skirt you gave, it has been five years, and it hasn’t been out of date."

I picked up the skirt angle and displayed in front of him.

He still looked at me quietly, no sound, no praise.

I stopped, and the corner of the mouth that was so excited was pulled down.

"Five years, you have never been to my dream once. You are like this. You are too responsible. You must think that I am going to get married and want to avoid suspicion."

Speaking of this, I only felt that my eyes were hot, and there was a liquid to flow out of it.

"Wait anywhere, I can come over to accompany you soon. Don’t think I am annoyed!"

The phone in my pocket rang, and as soon as I connected the phone, Jiang Shengyu’s voice came from the phone:

"The old man can’t do it anymore, come to the hospital quickly!"

"By the time he died, I’m busy now."

"If you don’t come, I promise that the cemetery where your little lover will definitely disappear the next day without a trace."

I bit my lower lip, and let the blood dripped on the white skirt along the jaw.

After the phone was hung up, Jiang Shengyu sent the address of the hospital to my phone.

I sneered, and finally compromised.

According to the instructions of the SMS, I successfully found the VIP ward.

Open the door, only Jiang Shengyu is alone.

I crossed Jiang Shengyu to the old man. He slowly opened his eyes, his voice was hoarse, his mouth trembled:


Jiang Shengyu got up and gave me the seat. I glanced at him in vain, but did not choose to sit down.

The old man’s hand stretched his hands trembling to me, trying to hold my hand.

"Don’t engage in this virtual, say, call me to do it?"

I took a step back impatiently to stop his intimacy.

"After so long, can you still forgive Dad?"

I laughed by his words, "Do you want others to forgive? I knelt on the ground and begged you not to kill Xiao Yi when he was killed? You pushed the videos of Xiao Yi’s high school bullying to social media in the back of the videos of Xiao Yi in the back.Go! You say he is dirty, not worthy of the Jiang family! "

I looked at the man lying on the bed with both eyes and wanted to continue, but Jiang Shengyu was stopped.

I turned my head out of the ward and sat on the bench outside the ward.

Jiang Shengyu sighed and sat next to me.

"How are you and Gu Jingming?"

"Don’t you know? Want to see my joke?"

Jiang Shengyu’s face was stiff, and he reached out and touched my head:

"如何, anyway, I am your brother. If you are wronged, you must tell me."

I patted his hand and nodded perfunctory.

I have never thought about bringing Gu Jingming to see my parents. After all, except for my died mother, I would never have a loved one.

Now I am an orphan.

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