The wife learned that she was pregnant and asked her Chinese medicine husband to put her pulse. My husband said, "You are pregnant,"

Learn something so amazing!In Changchun, Jilin, his wife learned that she was pregnant and wanted to surprise her husband, so she pretended to be uncomfortable and let Chinese medicine husbands take the pulse for themselves.I never expected that her husband said, "You are pregnant" as soon as he took the pulse!Her husband also proposed to test the gender of the child, and when he told his wife that the girl was pregnant, he was so excited that he cried!

His wife Lingling and her husband Liangliang are a sweet couple. They have been married for many years and have been looking forward to having a small family of their own.When Lingling found that she was pregnant, she decided to tell Liang Liang the news in a special way.She pretended to be unwell, hoping that Liang Liang could give herself a pulse through the method of traditional Chinese medicine.

Liang Liang is a Chinese medicine practitioner who knows Lingling’s physical condition very well.When he put his hand on Lingling’s pulse, he felt a special rhythm and made him realize that Lingling was pregnant.His expression was shocked and helpless, he was happy and nervous.He knows that as a Chinese medicine practitioner, he has the responsibility to take care of his wife and the upcoming child.

Liang Liang proposed to measure the child’s gender, which made Lingling more excited.They went to the hospital to check together, and the results showed that Ling Ling was pregnant with a girl.After hearing the news, Liang Liang was so shocked that he couldn’t help crying.He was ready to be a father’s role, but when he really knew that he would have a daughter, his inner joy and sense of responsibility made him unable to hold himself.

As the pregnant belly became bigger and bigger, Lingling and Liang Liang began to prepare everything for the upcoming baby.They bought cute baby products and built a warm baby room.Liang Liang became a brand new person, and he became more careful and more careless for Lingling.He massaged Lingling’s belly every day to make her feel the warmth of the baby.

However, destiny played and found in front of this happy family.In the seventh month of Lingling’s pregnancy, she suddenly showed serious signs of premature birth, and the doctor decided to have a cesarean section in advance.This news was shocked and helpless. They did not expect that the baby would come to this world so early.

In the operating room, Liang Liang held Ling Ling’s hand tightly, and their eyes were full of concerns and expectations.After some nervous and long surgery, they finally heard a baby cry.This sound made their mood instantly excited and dramatic.

When the doctor brought them the baby, they found that they were unable to hold their joy.That little life makes them feel very happy and satisfied.Lingling gently hugged her daughter, tears came out.Liang Liang watched the warm scene of their mother and daughter, full of emotions and happiness inside.

Since then, Lingling and Liang’s family have become more complete and happy.They work hard for their daughters every day, and accompany her every day with love and care.This little surprise makes their lives full of dramatic emotions, and also makes them cherish and grateful to have each other and this precious family.

In short, Lingling and Liang Liang are a happy couple. Their surprise of accidental pregnancy, the helplessness of her daughter’s gender, and the bright excitement crying constitute this dramatic story.Although they have experienced difficulties and twists and turns, their love and persistence let them face everything together.They look forward to the future, hoping to accompany their daughters to grow up and create their happy stories.

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