The wife was pregnant again, and her husband took his head to show his head sad: too busy, forgot to ligate

A wife recently said that she asked her husband to ligate after giving birth. Now menstruation is irregular. After the examination, she found that she was pregnant with her second child again. It turned out that her husband did not ligation at all. "Husband did not respect me.Behavior makes me very unhappy. "

The original author recently posted in the "Anonymous Commune" saying: "After giving birth to an eldest son at the beginning of last year, I called my husband to ligate.I didn’t stare at confirm whether he had been there. As a result, this time my menstruation has not come for two months.I have been nauseous in the company, and my colleague asked me to check it. "

The original author said that she thought that her husband was ligated, and pregnancy testing was a waste of money, but was reminded by colleagues to be a little uneasy. As a result, two lines were checked.Now where I am pregnant, where is the problem? "Husband said that he had registered but too busy forgot to ligation.The original author was dumbfounded, "I want to scold him but I can’t scold him when he is happy. The father -in -law and mother -in -law are very happy when they know that my parents are so depressed."

The original author explained, "I am not afraid of raising. My husband has about 120,000 yuan a month, and I am about 70,000 yuan.The house was given to me as a gift. "The original author emphasized," But when I gave birth to a big son, I had more than 20 hours, and it was almost half a month after giving birth.But I was pregnant unexpectedly. Although pregnancy is a happy event, everyone is very happy to congratulate me. Even the company director said that he wanted to give me a red envelope, but my husband’s behavior of disrespecting me still made me very unhappy. "

As soon as this article came out, netizens left a message: "It’s already a victory group in life, don’t be angry", "The second child is usually better than the first child", "I suggest you tell your doctor when you have a second child","Why do I think it is showing off the text", and some people say, "Remove it if you don’t want it. If you can’t remove it, you can raise it. Everything happens. It doesn’t make any sense to reflect on this.The decision, after the whole matter, come to deal with the issue of respect, and the severity is impossible. "

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