The wife was pregnant for seven months, and suddenly came for a holiday. Hurry up and take her to the hospital. The doctor said: congratulations on you

Kobayashi is a migrant worker. Kobayashi’s wife Momo is a catering waiter. Kobayashi is relying on Momo, and even gives everything that can be given to Momo. Momo is also very content.She was willing to fight with Kobayashi and suffer with Gan, so Kobayashi and Momo never quarreled after marriage.

Momo has been married for half a year with Kobayashi. In the past six months, Momo’s nutrition has always been unable to keep up. Momo’s body was false, and the living conditions of the Kobayashi family were not very good, so they were not very rich.Eat the bran and pharyngeal vegetables by yourself, and give Momo for the only delicious one left at home.

Mo Mo was found to be pregnant. In order to save money, they just asked the village doctor to do a check. Kobayashi was so happy that he thought that the responsibility on his shoulders would be greater, so he worked more hard, but Momo was pregnant, but Momo was pregnant.After 7 months, they suddenly came for a holiday. Nothing Kobayashi and Momo had no common sense and experience, and hurriedly came to the hospital in the city. After the doctor’s examination, the doctor told them: "Congratulations."

This can make Kobayashi and Mo Mo. Kobayashi and Momo didn’t know what happened, but then the doctor’s words awakened the people in the dream.The doctor said to Momo: "You are a very lucky person, do you know! Because of the innate physical deficiency, and not supplementing high protein and nutrients during pregnancy, the child has a threatened bleeding a little premature.Have you ever done a birth check, you are pregnant with twins.

I could only hold one, but what you found in time, fortunately, you have kept both two children, so I would like to say congratulations to you."Kobayashi and Mo Mo were stunned after listening to the doctor. One was that they did not expect that they were twins, and the other was that their two children were kept.Fortunately, Kobayashi thought that the two children would be under great pressure in the future, so they sighed deeply.

Kobayashi and Momo are unfortunately fortunate, isn’t it?But the living conditions of Kobayashi and Momo’s family are very bad, and now they are tremendous pressure. What should they do next?

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