The wife who has been married for ten years has asked the husband to enter the house to scan the code to pay, the parent -child identification, the child is not a biological


After a man went to junior high school, he had been working outside because he did not go to college. He had been working for eight years as soon as he worked. He was almost 30 years old and had not talked about his girlfriend.

At this time, his parents were also very anxious, and often introduced him to his girlfriend in the country trustees.The New Year, when he returned home, his parents introduced and asked him to know a woman.

The man also watched the woman’s long and beautiful, her skin was pure, her body was tall, her eyes were bright, and they were honest and kind.

Therefore, the first time I met, I felt good, and left the woman’s phone number. With her WeChat, I often chat.

After chatting for a while, the two had feelings, and the man took a woman to play outside.

When playing, buy her clothes, cosmetics, bags, jewelry, boldly pursue her, and give women to spend money.

Women also look at the handsome and handsome men. When they are talented, they agree to the two people together, and their parents agree.

Because the two people arrived at the age of marriage and marriage, the woman’s parents asked her daughter to find someone to marry, otherwise they would become older women in the future.

The man’s parents thought that his son would get married soon, and he would give him a fat boy in the future, and they could enjoy the joy of God.

After two people had been dating for more than ten days, their parents discussed their marriage. At that time, the man’s family was better. He quickly bought them a wedding room, a wedding car, and a grand wedding.For the gift, the two walked into the palace of marriage.

After getting married, the wife was quickly pregnant. At this time, the husband went to work outside to earn money. Thinking of his wife with a child, he would be able to have a fat boy in the future.

He worked even more. He went to work during the day and worked overtime at night. He returned to his home when he earned money, used for family life, and asked his wife to raise a fetus.

The wife gave birth to the child seven months of pregnancy, and her husband thought that his wife might be premature. Watching a lively and cute fat boy, the husband also likes this child, and the whole family is very concerned about his wife.

When the daughter -in -law was pregnant, her father -in -law came to take care of her when she was pregnant. After giving birth to her child, her mother -in -law took care of her next to her daughter -in -law and waited for her.

After the daughter -in -law gave birth to a child, the mother -in -law wiped the child and urine, feed the powder, and took care of the child every day.

The wife also brought the child at home and did the housework. Of course, the children were brought by the father -in -law, and the housework was done by her father -in -law.

The wife goes to play and go shopping every day. The others are father -in -law and mother -in -law.

Daily cleaning, laundry, cooking, all work, and all the daughters -in -law are also served well. The family relationship is very good.

When the husband goes to work every month, he earns banknotes when he works, and gives his wife for family life.Later, the wife did not know how the reason, and now it has changed all at once. Before, the husband was warm and warm, and the care was very thoughtful.

But now he has been married for ten years, the child is ten years old, and he is going to elementary school, but his wife is leisurely all day long and does not do business. He often goes outside and play.

The husband did not care so much. As long as his wife was happy, it didn’t matter. He made money to spend money for his wife.

At the end of the year, when the husband returned home, he found that his wife had a code scan card on the bedroom door, and stipulated that the husband scanned the code first when he entered the door, and then paid to enter the door.

At first, the husband thought that his wife was playing in trouble, but his wife solemnly said to the husband: "From today, you can not enter my bedroom without scanning the code!"

So the husband insisted on doing this. After doing it for a while, he also spent his money. At this time, he was unhappy. He felt that his wife might be unmarried first.child.

This child is 100 % biological, but he treats the child as a child, and his wife treats himself like this, so he led the child to do parent -child identification. As a result, the child was not his own.

The men’s patience was limited. The husband suddenly broke out at once, so he proposed to divorce his wife, but his wife resolutely did not divorce. The husband said that the marriage must be left because I was unwilling to support other children’s children.

At this time, the court ruled that the husband would give his wife a property of 160,000 yuan. When the husband said that his wife was derailed, he should pay herself a mental loss fee and the child’s support for the child.The court’s judgment was incorrect, and in the end he would re -appeal.

I want to say that young people must establish a correct outlook on life, values, marriage concepts, girls must keep themselves like jade, clean themselves, protect themselves, meet scum men, and dare to refuse.

Do not cross the thunder pond, get married lightning, and unmarried living together is not advisable.Once unmarried, women who have been hurt are all women.

It is not easy for the couple to walk together. They are considerate, understand each other, and tolerate each other in daily life. Maybe the life of the couple is happier and happier.

Marriage is not easy, and cherishment. Marriage is not a child’s play. Since everyone is married, we must work hard to run the family, run your marriage, and raise your child. Maybe your life will be happy.

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