The woman did not come for a holiday for a month and a half after marriage, suspected to be pregnant, and after the examination, the doctor: You are clear

My name is Lu Yan. I am 32 years old. People from Anhui. People who are familiar with me call me Xiao Yan.

I didn’t come for a holiday for a month and a half after marriage, and I found that I was wrong.Every day, my hair is large, the waist is as bloated as the bucket, the waxy face is yellowish, and I have fine wrinkles. What is worried is irregular menstruation. I have never come to an aunt …

Women are not security, and my husband feels different about me. I can really perceive.Standing in front of the mirror, looking at the face of 10 -year -old face. Now, even if you have abandoned himself, staring for a long time, tears can long have been controlled …

After my husband and I got married, the creation plan was on the agenda.Since I do n’t go on time and the ovulation cycle is chaotic, our plan to make people also come casually. When it feels like it comes.I have been drinking folic acid and high protein I prepared before pregnancy. I can’t afford the madness of my big fish and big meat. I quickly gain weight. One year later, I increased by 20 pounds.

Strangely, the belly has not been bulging, and the planning plan has repeatedly won the bid.Her husband began to be irritable. Sometimes he quarreled and said aggrieved, "Others are pregnant without menstruation. You do n’t have menstruation, or you are not delayed or unsatisfactory. Wife, I really want a baby."

The best performance of loved someone after marriage is to want to have a child for him.

Get the courage and go to the hospital for various examinations.The cold instrument swimming back and forth on me, this feeling is like lying down and being slaughtered.

The results of the test came out. The three tests were color Doppler ultrasound, physical examination and hormone.A bunch of strange data can be understood, but they also know a result: the uterine volume is small, and the double -sided ovarian changes are diverse.

The medical records are largely written: PCOS patients.

The entire family fry the pan, saying that this is incurable.I started to panic. I was studying polycystic diseases every day. I found that its condition is the most special in infertility. The only way to cure is pregnancy.

The doctor will comfort me a few words, "But there are also natural conceptions, and the disease of polycystic depends on miracles."

At the same time, the doctor also told me that this disease and excessive weight loss malnutrition, as well as the drugs with all kinds of non -product -based products have a lot to do.

Husband was irritable during that time.I often cried secretly, walking on the street and watching children, squatting on the ground to tease them, touching their little hands, and thinking that I might not have the child, I was very aggrieved.

His husband and I were honestly losing weight, and he was angry after hearing it.

And more importantly, the doctor said: You have been letting you gain weight, and you know that you are more clear than anyone else.Because under severe pressure for a long time, your ovaries have shrunk than ordinary people, that is, you will not only have irregular menstruation, but also infertility.Most polycystic female compatriots are related to living habits such as too much sugar, high -fat foods, and too little exercise.Regardless of whether it is a cure, exercise weight loss is good for the body. If you are obese and want to get pregnant, the doctor generally recommends that you lose weight first, so that the chance of conception will be much higher.

If you do n’t want to have a baby, pay attention to diet, you can exercise more. If you want to have a child, the polycapus does not mean that you do n’t have the opportunity to get pregnant, but you have less chances. It is better to seek medical treatment early.

At present, the most important thing for the treatment of polycystic ovary syndrome is to lose weight, exercise and exercise.Regardless of fertility requirements, exercise and weight loss are correct.But how to lose weight?Many people work hard, but the effect is not good, so I will talk about this problem.

Weight loss is the main method for treating fat polycystic, and it should be the preferred treatment measures.Many "fat people" will automatically restore ovulation after weight loss and exercise without having to take more treatment methods.But in the end, it is important to emphasize that during the weight loss process, it is necessary to be appropriate because of the ground and appropriateness. Do not emphasize the speed of weight loss to avoid danger.

In the gynecological clinic, many patients often see many patients. They are fat, strong in body, have a lot of oil on their faces, and have a lot of acne. After coming, I said that the recent menstrual interval is getting longer and longer.I still feel pretty good. I slowly discovered that it became more and more abnormal. The body slowly blessed, and the small belly was increasing in a circle. I have been married for a long time.After the basic situation, the doctor suggested to check a gynecological B -ultrasound and six hormones.After reading, diagnosis: Polycystic ovary syndrome.Referred to as "multi -sac".

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