The woman did not come to the holiday for two months, and used the test strip to measure her pregnancy. When she went to the hospital for examination, she was paralyzed on the ground.

Born a child is a happy thing for every family. Every woman wants to be smooth.

The baby who gave birth to healthy Kang, because after having a child, this family is completely complete, but Lingling is not so lucky. Every time she sees other mothers playing with her children on the street, Ling Ling’s heart is full of hearts.Special uncomfortable.

Lingling is already in her thirties this year. At this age, she should have children, but Lingling is indeed alone. Lingling has grown up in the city since she was a child. Although the family conditions are very good, their parents have been doing business since they were young.Lingling lives with her grandmother. Although she is satisfied in material, Ling Ling has a lot of care.

Later, when she was in college, Lingling was admitted to a prestigious school. When she was in school, she met her current husband. At that time, her husband and her were a city, so the relationship between the two was a lot closer.In life, boys often help Lingling. When she was in the sophomore, Lingling fell in love with each other.

After graduating, Lingling took the boy to see his parents. At that time, the parents felt that the two were very good at it. Later, she agreed to the marriage. When she got married, because the boy’s family conditions were average, they did not buy a new house, but Lingling did not have no Lingling nor did she not haveComplaining about her husband, after getting married, they are usually busy at work, and they do not want their children to plan.

Just when the two got married for more than five years, the husband was detected for the advanced lung cancer. After learning the news, Lingling washed her face with tears all day. She did not know what to do in the future.At the time, the husband died unfortunately, and the death of the husband had a great impact on Lingling’s psychology.

Since her husband’s death, Lingling has not been at work. She usually stays with her mother -in -law. When her husband died for more than two months, Lingling found that she hadn’t come to a holiday for two months. Later, she went downstairs to buy a test.The pregnancy test paper found that she was pregnant, which made Lingling particularly happy, and told her parents about the news.

But her parents asked her to kill, because her parents were worried that Ling Ling was not easy to marry after she had a child. After hearing her parents, Lingling was particularly angry. She had to give birth to the child anyway. Later, Lingling went to the hospital for examination.But after hearing the doctor’s words, Lingling sat on the ground paralyzed, and she didn’t doubt it at all. Her phenomenon was called pseudo -pregnancy.

Because it is difficult for ordinary people to find pseudo -pregnancy, during the false pregnancy, menstruation, nausea, vomiting, and even conscious fetal movement and abdominal bloating occur during false pregnancy, but the facts are not real pregnancy, and under ultrasound waves, it is under ultrasound waves.I can’t see any pregnancy in the uterus or outside the uterus at all.

After coming out of the hospital, Lingling was particularly lost. What she was most worried about now was her mother -in -law. I was afraid that after she learned that she was not pregnant, she was afraid that she could not bear it.

Note: The picture comes from the Internet. The content of the story is pure fiction.

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