The woman dreamed that her son was full of blood, and the secret of the monitoring discovered the nanny, see how she treats the child?

It is not easy for young people today. No one takes care of the child. Please take care of it but not assured.

On March 18, Ms. Sun in Benxi, Liaoning, retracted the surveillance to find out the true face of parenting Niu.

In the picture, Niu only cared for his mobile phone and saw the child crawling over. He lifted the child back and hit the child’s head several times.

Seeing this, Ms. Sun was distressed. It turned out that Niu was taking care of her children.

If it wasn’t for Ms. Sun’s dream, it caused Ms. Sun’s alertness. When she thought of checking the monitoring, it was estimated that she would have been covered in the drum.

In the dream, Ms. Sun saw her son’s face full of blood. By the way, she talked to Niu Mou’s dream, and she couldn’t understand why she had such a appalling dream.

However, Niu, who was silent, made Ms. Sun doubt.

Niu Mou came to work, and Ms. Sun had been very assured of her, and she had not been detained even her childcare certificate and ID card.

But after experiencing this incident, Niu exposed his nature, and Ms. Su knew that she was deceived by false elephants.

Afterwards, parenting not only did not apologize to Ms. Sun’s family, but instead instructed her daughter to abuse Ms. Sun’s family.

How can such a ruthless parenting lady get qualifications, which is doubtful, and how can she comply with her professional ethics and provide services to others?

Ms. Sun’s childcare who hired at a high price of 5,500 yuan a month still holds a certificate, but she has such a behavior, which makes people think about it.

Now, Niu Mou also paid the price for his actions, was detained by administrative detention on the 15th, and fined 500 yuan.

Is the childcare on the market really reliable?Do we have to be regarded as a precept?

Although all training institutions cannot be killed, the training institutions of various parenting crickets on the market are chaotically there. There are always some problems with individuals.

Let’s take a look, how did parenting get qualifications for their own practice?

If you want to do this, you will pay a certain fee at the training institution first, and the training institution will provide a series of training to the applicants.

After paying the training fee to the training institutions, the training institutions must find a way to relax the assessment restrictions of childcare for the time of the passage of parenting for their own KPI.

The principle is the same as that of many people’s driving licenses. If the driving school does not find a way to make the students live easily, there are still people who dare to sign up later, and the performance and income will decline.

To put it bluntly, even if some people have not approved the assessment, the training institutions will be slightly operated, and they will try to make them pass.

If the training institution is really fully operated, it will not happen like Yueyue’s child abuse and childcare beating children.

It is known in the market that children’s money is best to earn. Even if parents draw blood, they must first make their children better. Some institutions use this psychological excavation business opportunity to create needs.

However, it is a big problem to be strict with self -discipline and ensure the quality of service provided.

Some families have children, because of their work, they urgently need childcare to take care of their children instead of their children.

However, various service agencies in the society are mixed, and it is difficult for ordinary families to find the right one.

Moreover, in some places, childcare is a situation of inadequate supply, and excellent parenting crickets will be given priority.

Many husbands and wives have to be regarded as a last resort.

But this choice does not have much reference.It is difficult for us to define the personal morality and professional ethics of childcare. Before useless, we do not know whether she is suitable for her needs.

To consult a service agency, the resumes and experiences that can be seen can be seen. It is generally the same. It is difficult for us to see the difference.

What is the final choice?It may be intuition!

Husbands and wives have children, especially office workers, and no one cares about children. Parenting is a hard -to -have demand. As parents, they have no choice.

There are two ways to choose childcare 嫂:

The first way is to handle through the service agency.

As mentioned earlier, this choice has no reference, all intuition.

I invited the childcare to the house, not like a helper to take care of the child. Instead, I invited a great god. I couldn’t say that I couldn’t scold.

The second way, through the introduction of acquaintances

Through the introduction of acquaintances, either he is familiar with the industry personnel, or acquaintances have already used it, and it feels to recommend it to himself.

But invite such people to home, sometimes more careful and worry about affecting the relationship between each other.

On the surface, everything is harmonious, and it has long been upset and compete with each other.

Just like Ms. Sun said that both sides have maintained a more harmonious relationship, but in fact, in the exchanges, all kinds of dissatisfaction is under the water, which is not easy to break.

Professional occupations such as Yueyue, nanny, and parenting, to novels, related to the healthy growth of children, saying that as soon as the parents leave, the child’s life safety is held by others.

Those who engage in this profession must be strict with the screening mechanism. They must not allow both -sided people to enter the field. The owner is a face at home. The owner leaves another face, which cannot protect the safety of children.

I want to make money to enter this industry, there is no problem, but there should be the most basic professional ethics!

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