The woman found that her boyfriend was married after pregnancy, but helplessly chose a miscarriage and claimed claims.

Fate let them meet, sweet love and pregnancy, thought that when she met the "true emperor", when she was happy to enter the marriage hall with her boyfriend, she found that the other party was actually a "married man". Recently, the Liuhe Court of Nanjing, Jiangsu, JiangsuNotified such cases.

Basic case

In March 2020, Xiao Yun (pseudonym) met Ahao (pseudonym) under the introduction of a friend. Ahao claimed to be divorced and single, and he pursued him at first sight, and then pursued him.After the two sides officially established the relationship, Xiao Yun also resigned from Beijing’s work and stayed in Nanjing, and began living with Ahao.

It didn’t take long for Xiao Yun to find that he was pregnant, and the two began to discuss marriage.Just as he longed for a happy day of getting married and a mother, Xiao Yun learned that this was actually a "scam."

It turned out that Ahao concealed his marriage facts, lied to divorce and associated with Xiao Yun, and became pregnant.Subsequently, Xiaoyun had no choice butt for induction of labor. Ahao promised to pay Xiaoyun’s economic compensation for 50,000 yuan, but the two parties failed to reach an agreement on the loss. Then Xiaoyun complained to Ahao to the Liuhe Court.

The court believes

The emotional disputes of the actor are not in the category of legal adjustment, but in the process of the two parties, if one party infringes the civil rights and interests of the other party due to fault, it shall bear the liability for infringement.

In this case, Ahao concealed the fact that his marriage relationship was survived, causing Xiao Yun to believe that he had been separated from different systems and established a love relationship with him, and then lived together.Credit and moral standards should be determined that they have subjective faults.There was a fault in her behavior, and directly misleaded Xiao Yun to punish her own rights, causing her pregnancy to induce labor, and the body and spirit were damaged.Xiao Yun had a cautious obligation to have a cautious obligation to do the basic censorship before determining the relationship of love with Ahao, but also had certain faults.

Therefore, in terms of the above factors, the court decided that Ahao’s reasonable losses to Xiaoyun were liable for 80 % of the compensation, and the remaining losses were borne by Xiao Yun himself.

Dialogue Judge Q: The man concealed his marriage and lived with a single female in love to get pregnant. The woman advocated personal damage compensation. Should she support it?A: The man concealed the status quo of the marriage, and deceived the woman’s wrong right to punish the woman’s errors on the grounds of love and marriage. As a result, the woman was pregnant. Later, because the man found that the man had a family and induced labor, the man should compensate for compensation and standards in accordance with the legal compensation items and standards of general infringement disputes.

It should be specifically stated that because the man concealed the fact that the marriage was concealed, and deceived the woman’s favor and lived with him, the man’s behavior obviously violated integrity and public order and good customs, causing serious mental pain to the woman.Essence

Source: Nanjing Liuhe Court

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