The woman is 8 months pregnant, and her stomach is too big to see the way.

"I accidentally fell off the stairs when I was pregnant, which caused my son to suddenly give birth to a sudden premature birth. In the end, he could only choose to have a caesarean section to give birth to his son. He never wanted to fall asleep normally when his son was 5 months old.I could only sleep for 4 hours, and my son was later found to be severely ill. It was because of my intention that my son would get such a serious illness.His hair choked and said.The picture shows Tang Xuexuo take his son to the hospital.

The Tang Xuexian family lives in a small mountain village in Zhaotong City, Yunnan Province. The traffic in the village is closed. If you want to go out, you can only reach the car where you can only walk the winding mountain road.In the usual days, Tang Xuexian and her husband have been living a self -sufficient life at home with a few acres of land at home.The biggest wish of the couple is to have a child, and then the family lives quietly together.But Tang Xuexue did not expect that this little wish became a difficult expectation.The picture shows Tang Xuexue accompany his son for rehabilitation treatment.

One morning in October 2010, Tang Xuexian, who was 8 months pregnant, went out to go out of the stairs, because the belly could not see the road under his feet, accidentally stepped on the steps, sitting on the ground with one butt, sitting on the ground on the groundEssenceAt that time, Tang Xuexue was frightened. After covering his stomach, he sat on the ground for several minutes to slow down. She settled and felt the belly. When she found that there was no abnormality inside, she stood up and walked back to the house.Go to the hospital for examination.The picture shows Tang Xuexuan and his son waiting for treatment in the hospital.

However, at night that day, Tang Xuexue suddenly felt a pain in the stomach. She immediately thought of falling in the daytime, and she could not stop inexplicably nervous. She quickly asked her husband to send her to the hospital.The two people then went to the hospital for more than 3 hours.After the doctor’s examination, the doctor told the Tang Society that the children in the belly had no way to protect the fetus, and they must be immediately carried out, otherwise the children in the belly would likely cause life due to hypoxia.The picture shows Xiaofeng doing treatment.

A few hours later, Tang Xuexue successfully gave birth to his son Shuai Yunfeng. After a doctor’s comprehensive examination, Xiaofeng’s body did not find any abnormalities. A few days later, the mother and son were discharged from the hospital.But what happened next made Tang Xuexue uneasy.Xiaofeng showed signs of insomnia for no reason when he was 5 months old. He had to wait until 3 or 4 in the morning to sleep, and woke up at about 7 o’clock the next day. The sleep time was only about 4 hours.

In order to coax his son to sleep for a while, Tang Xuexian kept holding his son with his son every night. She stayed up all night and stayed with red blood, and her arms could not be taken up when she was tired.Sleep in seconds.Sometimes when she was sleepy, she stuck on her own. During that time, she was covered with blue and purple traces, but time passed day by day, but the symptoms of Xiaofeng did not improve.The picture shows Tang Xuexue worry about his son’s illness.

When the child was one year old, his behavior became more and more abnormal, and his eyes were dull and ignorant of people. No matter who told him, he ignored him and was completely immersed in his world.Tang Xuexu looked at her son in a hurry like an ant on a hot pot. She heard that a hospital in Chongqing was in good condition, so she immediately took her son to check. Who knew that Xiaofeng was diagnosed with cerebral palsy.After hearing the doctor’s diagnostic conclusion, Tang Xuexue had a blank brain and softened, and when the doctor and her mentioned the cause of the child, she collapsed.The picture shows the son of Tang Xuexue taking care of the sons on the sick bed.

"All complained of me, because I fell down, which caused him to get sick. If I didn’t go out, if I walked carefully, I wouldn’t go to the hospital immediately after I fell, instead of the fetus instead ofGoing home with a lucky heart, his son would not have such a serious illness. "Tang Xuexun looked at the son in his arms, holding his son’s little hand with his hands, and couldn’t help crying.The picture shows Xiaofeng doing rehabilitation training.

In order to restore his son’s health, Tang Xuexu borrowed a sum of money and started to take his son in the hospital for treatment, but the treatment fee was high, and it would take more than 300 yuan a day.In desperation, she could only take her son home.

As Xiaofeng failed to get the systematic treatment, his condition has never improved the slightest, and he still sleeps only 4 hours a night.Tang Xuexun looked at her heart in her eyes, but she could only keep borrowing money and saving money, and wanted to bring her son to continue treatment earlier.The picture shows Xiaofeng doing cognitive training.

Until Xiaofeng was 4 years old, Tang Xuexuo took the borrowed money on the road to seek medical treatment. She took her son to Beijing with her son. After some examination, the doctor proposed that the child could do surgery to improve his condition.Tang Xuexuo thought repeatedly and finally decided to perform surgery for her son. She sold all the family could sell at home, and asked for households from house to house. Finally, she had enough surgery and performed surgery for her son.

However, the result of the surgery made Tang Xuexue’s hearty heart. His son’s condition did not improve as he imagined, but was still the same as before. All her beautiful imaginations were shattered into bubbles."The son’s illness has not improved any surgery. What should I do in the future? I couldn’t save any of the mistakes I made?"As if it was falling into the ice cellar, he trembled.But now she has no money to take her son to continue treatment, and she can only choose to go home again.The picture shows the Tang Society.

After returning home, Tang Xuexue was unwilling. When she thought of her son, she might live sillyly and livedly for a lifetime.When he grows up, we are old, and maybe no longer lived. What do he do at that time? I can’t watch my son’s endless way. "

In order to allow her son to live on her own, she started to teach her son to dress, wash, sweep the floor, etc., and slowly let go of her to let her son exercise.She also insisted on letting her son do it herself.In addition, the son’s sleep is only 4 hours a day. Tang Xuexue is not assured that the son is at home. She will sleep only 4 hours a day with her son.EssenceEven if the Tang Xuexian stayed up late, he was unwilling to rest for a day when he stayed up late.The picture shows Tang Xuexuan and son.

"Husbands work outside to make money alone. His income for a month cannot maintain his son for treatment for a week. Nowadays, my son’s illness has no money to treat. I can only teach him at home, but the son does not learn anything at all."Thinking of the son’s no treatment, his heart was full of regrets and guilt.The picture shows Tang Xue being taking care of his son.

Until August 2020, the Tang Xuexian finally waited for the opportunity. She learned that there was a hospital in Zhaotong who could treat sick children like Xiaofeng, and could also reduce some treatment costs.Related procedures.In order to facilitate the long -term treatment of her children, she also rented a small house not far from the hospital. From that day, Tang Xuexian took his son for rehabilitation every day.

What surprised Tang Xuexue was that in less than half a year, the son’s condition improved greatly.Xiaofeng’s sleeping time was extended to 5 hours every day, and when he communicated with him, he also reacted.Even Xiaofeng knew a lot of things, and the adult said the names of some items, and he could accurately pointed out.What was even more surprised by Tang Xue was that when she accompanied her son to do acupuncture, Xiaofeng couldn’t help crying because of pain. When another needle was tied, Xiaofeng suddenly grabbed Tang Xuexi’s hand and shoutedA "Mom".The picture shows the mother and son of the Tang Xueya.

"I waited for 11 years, and finally heard my son call me a mother. If I took my son for treatment earlier, would he recover better now?" Xiaofeng’s progress made Tang Xuexue more firm and brought to bring it.The determination of the son’s treatment.The picture shows Tang Xuexuan and his son playing snow.

However, although the treatment has improved, the new difficulties have gone in front of the Tang Society. If you want your son to continue treatment, you need a lot of money to maintain it.In recent years, Tang Xuexian owed huge debt in order to treat his son’s treatment and owed huge debts. Borrowing money could not be borrowed.

"I was seriously ill because of my falling down during pregnancy. I owe him. Now I can’t delay my son’s treatment again. The doctor said that he has improved a lot now and keeps insisting on it.The money I earned is simply Jiu Niu a hair for medical expenses. I really have no way. "Tang Xuexu choked again. She didn’t know what to do to save her son.The picture shows the handsome Yunfeng outside the window.Original works, it is strictly forbidden to reprint in any form, infringement must be investigated!””””

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