The woman often shouted her stomachache, her husband did not take it to heart, and he was splitted by heaven and man at a time.

The two were Langcai women, the loved couple, the man was busy with work, ignored the family, the woman became more and more depressed, and often pommel it. Because the man’s original decision, the woman often had a stomach pain, in order to reduce the pain, and to sleep.It is a lot of time, the woman took a lot of pills at one time, but she never woke up again.

Xiao Ling and Xiao Jian are college classmates. When they were freshman, they were male and female friends. After graduation, they stayed in the same city.Xiao Jian worked in a trading company. Xiaoling was finance in an accounting company. Both of them created their own value for their posts for their posts.

One day, Xiaoling found her holiday, and the time had not yet come, so she went to the hospital for examination and found that she was pregnant. When Xiao Jian returned from get off work, she said this good news, "Dear, dear, You have to be a father. "

She thought that Xiao Jian would be as happy as her, and looking forward to the arrival of a new life. What she did not expect was that Xiao Jian’s face was sad, only to listen to Xiao Jian said, "Linger, we just bought a new house, and my work is rising again.The period is not surprising. I will be promoted to the manager next month. I will get more and more busy. Now this child is not coming, and he will hit him. Wait for me to stabilize.

Xiaoling was sad when he heard it. She said, "This is the crystallization of our love. You told me to fight him? I won’t fight." Xiao Jian then persuaded him bitterly. Later, Xiao Ling agreed, the next day, the next dayXiao Jian sent Xiaoling to the hospital. Before doing it, the phone rang, saying that it was a job, leaving Xiao Ling alone. When Xiao Jian returned, Xiao Ling had been lying on the bed to rest. SheTouching his belly, leaving silent tears.

After returning home afterwards, Xiaoling had no mood to take care of herself because of psychological injuries, and Xiao Jian often entered overtime and did not give Xiaoling very well. Xiaoling’s body had fallen.It hurts, and it is very uncomfortable when it comes to the attack. It is impossible to go to the hospital without taking painkillers.

One morning, Xiao Ling shouted his stomach pain. At that time, Xiao Jian wore a suit and was ready to go out for entertainment. Xiao Jian said, "Have you eaten analgesic tablets?" Xiao Ling fell back to "Eat." Xiao Jian was anxiousGo out and leave the sentence, "If you eat a few more pieces, you can go to the hospital if you can’t, I can’t do it, baby, love you."

After Xiao Jian left, Xiao Ling felt the pain and was unbearable, so he went to the hospital for examination. The doctor prescribed some medicines and took a needle. She returned home alone, returned to the community downstairs, and sat downstairs in the community, sitting in the park in the community in the community.After staying in it for a while, she thought about it and thought that Xiao Jian, who was pursuing her at first, would be diligent. In order to wait for her to end class, she waited for 3 hours to give her a birthday to send roses.The waiter, but now there is no greeting greeting.

Although she knew that Xiao Jian had been working hard to give her a good future, and worked hard to make money. From a small company staff to the executive, later work was getting busy.There are less and less communication with her.Xiao Jian gave her a lot in nature, but she also lost a lot. In fact, she did not ask for those material things. She really cared about it.Chat.

Xiao Ling returned home, and a chicken soup was warm. When he was cooked, Xiao Jian returned. When he saw Xiao Ling in the kitchen, he asked, "Is it better?" But Xiao Ling thought of Xiao Jian over the years.If you change, you pour the bitter water in his stomach, which means that Xiao Jian only cares about himself and does not care about his family, and Xiao Jian feels that he is busy with his wife. He was blamed by his wife.If you make trouble, he quarreled with Xiaoling.

Later, Xiaoling’s words seemed to wake up Xiao Jian. Xiaoling said, "Other people say a word about caring for me and make me want to cry, because it reminds me of a person, that person cares about me so much, but now what happened, but now? Strangers know to care about me, and you do n’t even ask. If you did n’t ask for a fetal, I would n’t do this now.

"Say this again, you will always be talking about this, it’s endless." Xiao Jian left this sentence and walked back to the room angrily.The chicken soup was cooked, and Xiao Ling had no appetite to eat, and smashed the soup. Xiao Jian heard the movement and asked Xiaoling what happened. Xiaoling said, "You are busy, I’m fine. What are you doing?It’s more important than me? "Xiao Jian saw the broken pot, and felt that Xiao Ling was unreasonable, and quarreled," What do you want me to do? Every day at home with you, do nothing? "

Both of them stood at their respective angles and said that each other was selfish.Xiaoling said to Xiao Jian, "There is no problem if you want to succeed, but if you lose your price one day and one day, I would rather do nothing. I really don’t know how long I can hold on. In fact, you know from beginning to end. I know. I know. I know.What do you want, isn’t it? "

After this quarrel, Xiao Jian seemed to understand that it was Xiaoling’s birthday in two days. He asked what gift Xiaoling wanted. Xiaoling said, "I don’t want anything, you can’t give it." Xiao Jian couldn’t give it. "Xiao Jian couldn’t give it." Xiao Jian couldn’t give it. "Back to ask "What do you want?"

Xiaoling said, "I want you to accompany me, like before." Xiao Jian said, "Before you come back? Have you eaten the day?" Xiao Ling said that she missed such a day, Xiao Jian promised Xiao LingOn the day of birthday, she would accompany her, and Xiao Ling’s heart passed through a long time.

She hoped that she could spend a pleasant night with Xiao Jian. On her birthday, she prepared cakes and red wine, sitting in front of the dining table and waited for Xiao Jian to come back.However, a female client was temporarily came to say that she would invite Xiao Jian for dinner, thank Xiao Jian for help, and also said that there were big discussions.

Xiao Jian also forgot what day it was that day, so he went to entertain. Xiaoling waited until ten o’clock in the evening. Xiao Jian hadn’t returned. She kept sitting dumbly until 3 o’clock in the morning, and then went home into it.Seeing the cakes and candles on the table, I also asked with a false sentence, "Are you birthday today?" Xiaoling said, "Not today, yesterday."

Xiao Jian wanted to wipe some cakes on Xiaoling’s face, and was pushed away by Xiao Ling "Do you still have me in your heart?" Xiao Jian said, "Yes"

"I know you are very busy outside. If you don’t want to go back to our home, why are you going back?" Xiaoling took a glass of red wine and drank it. Xiao Jian wanted to explain, but Xiao Ling did not listen.Don’t want to go back, don’t come back in the future. "Xiao Ling was disappointed and walked back to the room.

A few days later, Xiao Jian went out to accompany the customer to drink, and he hadn’t returned at two or three in the middle of the night.Xiao Ling was at home alone, and suddenly had a stomachache until she slept in the middle of the night. She turned and shouted Xiao Jian and found that the person at the pillow was not there. She called in. Xiao Jian replied to her, "I have something outside, there are customers who are there, and talk about it later."Then hung up the phone.

Xiao Ling could hear it, Xiao Jian was drinking again, and then he would not come back for a while, and no one would expect it anymore.But she was too painful, and she didn’t have time to change her pajamas. She went out when she put on a jacket. She urgently needed some painkillers, but she was worried that she couldn’t sleep, and added some money to buy some medicines that help to sleep.

After returning home, she hurriedly took the medicine and ate a dozen tablets at once, and soon she fell asleep.When Xiao Jian returned home and saw the medicine box on the table, everything was late …

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