The woman was 7 months pregnant, and the girlfriend party drank at the "big cup of beer", netizens: blind and noisy

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Bao Ma who is pregnant knows that pregnancy is a very torment during pregnancy. Various taboos make you feel that life is particularly strong, especially if you do n’t let you eat that, you can only secretly drool yourself.It turns out that hot pot and skewers are their favorite, but after pregnancy, these all have to stand side by side.

However, there are always young and bold pregnant mothers, not only do not avoid diet, but even wine dare to drink randomly. After all, even those who have not been pregnant know that they cannot drink during pregnancy, and some pregnant mothers eat and drink unscrupulous.

In the early pregnancy, because the fetus is still unstable, the pregnant mother should pay more attention in many places. It is not recommended to run around everywhere. The family is also the first experience, so it will be relatively wide.

Many pregnant mothers feel difficult during this time, but after the middle of pregnancy, don’t worry so much, they start to get together with friends. Eating, eating and chatting can also soothe their mood well.

However, there is such a pregnant mother on the Internet. During the pregnancy, the stomach has obviously appeared. I invite a group of girlfriends to come to the house to meet at home. As a master, prepare for the guests, but the pregnant mother directly drink with her friends.Owishly.

From the pictures, we can see that the pregnant mother’s belly is already quite big, almost like the appearance of the third trimester, it is reasonable to say that many taboos are known, but it is already a large beer glass at the party, full of fullness, full fullA large cup of "beer", the waist was done with one hand, and the person was stunned. The amount of alcohol before pregnancy must be very good.

However, this video has also aroused the criticism of many netizens. It is bluntly "blind". You must know that in the first few months of pregnancy, the mother -in -law and the prospective dad have to quit alcohol and smoking.What if the fetus causes?It is completely irresponsible performance.

By the way, netizens have also criticized their girlfriends in the party. It is the basic common sense that cannot be drinking during pregnancy. These so -called girlfriends not only do not stop, but also drink with pregnant women.?I really lamented for this pregnant mother "careless friends."

Do not drink alcohol during pregnancy, the most important thing is to hurt the fetus. This damage may not directly appear, but it will increase the probability of harm.

According to investigations, "pregnant women in the" critical period of pregnancy "drink 1 cup of alcohol per day, fetal lip and palate (commonly known as" rabbit lips ") such as deformed risk will increase by 25%;%. "

And it is not to say that during pregnancy, it is not possible for pregnant mothers to drink less, but to drink, because drinking during pregnancy is very dangerous, whether it is beer, liquor, or what Internet celebrities contain alcoholic drinks, drinkingAlcohols in the lower belly are likely to enter the baby’s body through the placenta, and also laid a hidden health hazard for the development of the baby after the baby.

For example, drinking during pregnancy may increase the probability of suffering from certain diseases after the birth of the fetus, or it may also cause problems such as shortness of children after birth, or malformations.

Therefore, you should remind you of pregnant mothers that do not drink alcohol during pregnancy. This is both responsible for your body and responsible for the healthy growth and development of the fetus.

There may be a lot of pregnant mothers who are more worried about this problem. For example, I just checked that I found that I was pregnant for three weeks. I just drank a few days ago, would it cause any impression?

First, don’t be too anxious and stabilize your mentality

When you are pregnant, don’t be too anxious when you encounter this kind of problem. We know that the best quality "sperm" and "egg" must be the best quality.Embryo, then this little guy must be the most powerful. If you encounter a problem with alcohol, you will quietly disappear.

But now that you can check your pregnancy, it means that this "little guy" is much stronger than we think. Pay attention to it, and there will be no big problems if you don’t drink alcohol.

Second, ask the doctor more

If the pregnant mother still has no bottom in her heart, then ask the doctor to ask, tell the doctor about the time of drinking the time, what the wine, and drinking, and how much you drink, let the doctor have a judgmentThen come to the hospital for an examination on a regular basis, just listen to the doctor’s instructions.

Finally, what do you think of drinking during pregnancy?

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