The woman was drunk by a young man, causing pregnancy, her husband was covered in the drum, the movie

The woman was violated by a young man after being drunk. She found that she was pregnant a month later. Sister Mei was a married lady. Recently, she quarreled with her husband for her child.The unwilling men have the opportunity to enter.

It ’s just that the beard brother was one step too late. In the end, he made a young man a good -headed first. His poor Baba could only watch the reality show live outside the window.When she reacted, it was too late to cook raw rice.

Sister Mei is a marine biologist who loves her husband Robe sincerely. In order to stay away from the dispute, they choose to live in a small town. Rob operates fishing gear shops. Although the business is defeated, the two have lived.Nourishing.

They have been married for many years, and there is no love crystallization. This is a regret of the lack of beauty. Sister Mei has been visiting famous doctors and tried many recipes. Nevertheless, her belly still has no movement.

Since both sides want children, their bodies must be checked, but Robe, who has a strong self -esteem, disappoints. He feels that his body is burly and tall. He must not go to the hospital for life.With the first little quarrel.

In the final analysis, Robe is too masculine. He can’t go to that hurdle in his heart. He is afraid that he will find out that he is his own problem. The neighbors around him look down on him and can’t raise his head for a lifetime.

In case of prevention, the two went to the infertility hospital for inspection. Here is very responsible for patients, especially for privacy, they can definitely be able to keep their mouths like a bottle.When Rob went in for a medical examination, the little handsome work at the front desk fell in love with Sister Mei at first sight. He was thinking that such a perfect woman had no children. He had to help her to be a mother’s dream.

Speaking of Xiao Shuai, on the surface, people look like dogs, but they are actually paranoid and very serious. In order to approach Sister Mei, he uses his position to get her information.

He resigned the next day and found your destination not far away.

Sister Mei’s family happened to be the most prominent place in the town. At first glance, Xiao Shuai saw her dream of big beauty. He greet Mei Mei Mei, and asked, is there a recruitment one?He urgently needed a job.

Sister Mei did not notice that Xiao Shuai was in the infertility hospital. She thought he was an ordinary wage earner and enthusiastically pointed him.There is no interview at all, so I applied directly.

The next step is how to get close to Sister Mei. Xiao Shuai has always considered this issue. The two may have a fate in the meditation. Sister Mei often runs into the fish because of the research on fish.Familiar.

I thought it was a simple polite chat, and the taste was completely changed here. He was very excited when he returned from work and felt that Mei liked herself, kept touching the pet dog, and shared with him to get along with the two of them.model.

In fact, Sister Mei is not familiar with Xiao Shuai at all. Why does she like it? The reason why she chats with him completely feels that this is politely greeted. At the same time, Sister Mei thought about her husband’s test results. When the two talked about this topicIn fact, the husband’s showed rejection, in fact, he was afraid that the problem would be on himself.

It didn’t take long for Rob to finally receive a letter from the hospital, but he had no courage to open it, and even concealed the matter. After knowing that, Mei Mei became a thunderous anger and went to the bar with her girlfriend.

In the dance floor, Sister Mei and her girlfriend bungeely danced, and did not notice until she had been secretly in love with her beard. He had already coveted Sister Mei, and he couldn’t immediately embrace her in his arms, but he couldn’t do so nowAfter all, women do not like rude treatment.

But in the end, Brother Hu still couldn’t hold back. He went forward to chat with Sister Mei, but this move made Sister Mei very disgusted. Coincidentally, Robe also came here and saw this scene. Because of her love, he did not have an attack. He did not have an attack.Essence

The moment Sister Mei saw her husband, I felt gone. I picked up my clothes and left, and I went to the fish bank when I drove. She hoped that she could use work to calm herself.I will give up this good opportunity for a thousand years, and secretly follow the car of Mei, waiting for the opportunity.

Sister Mei was crying in the studio. Brother Beard wanted to go in and pick up cheap. If she wanted to send a few sweet words, she could easily get the goddess, and then fantasized the other party to embrace her arms.Little handsome first.

I have to praise the little handsome here. People still have some means to women. They know that pet cats inspire Sister Mei’s motherhood, and then they fall into the highest point of emotion without knowing it.Fortunately, Sister Mei realized the mistake afterwards, and did not continue to develop with Xiaoshuai, but this did not mean that what happened just happened.

Sister Mei pushed her little handsomely and wanted to go home, but she happened to meet Brother Beard. She didn’t know how much she saw the beard. She had no time to care, and just wanted to go home and take a good rest immediately.

When Robe returned home, Sister Mei really wanted to come forward to confess all this, but she was back on her mouth, she really couldn’t say, she could only cry in one way. Rob thought his wife was still angry with him., Just stunned her, I was sorry for sincerely.

And this scene was seen by the little handsome outside the door. At this time, he was very angry. I felt that Sister Mei was already his woman.

Xiaoshuai ran home angrily, fell to the ground to death, and walked around the house. He just wanted to understand why Sister Mei betrayed herself and followed his logical thinking. Since Sister Mei followedHe must follow the women’s way, which is the moral bottom line that women should have.

In the end, Xiaoshuai came to the telephone kiosk and told his father about his grievances. From a distance, Xiao Shuai looked not so impatient. It should be a great role in the enlightenment of Dad.

One month later, Sister Mei found that she was pregnant, but she couldn’t be happy, because she knew that the child was definitely not a husband. She hurriedly called the hospital and asked Robber’s condition to see if she was infertile.The symptoms, but the hospital told her very decisively that this was the privacy of the customer, and his wife could not be promised.

Sister Mei had to make an appointment for a small production surgery, but the other party patiently said that after three weeks, it made people unexpected that Rob accidentally saw the pregnancy test stick. He was so happy that he was about to jump.Similarly, his wife was pregnant everywhere.

The left neighbor and right house hurriedly sent a blessing. Rober was refreshing, and felt that he finally raised his eyebrows. His expression really made Sister Mei cry without tears, but in the crowd, Mei seemed to see Xiao Shuai, Her smiley face became serious, with a look, they came to a secluded place.

Xiao Shuai opened the door to see the mountain and asked Mei Mei to elope with herself. This sentence listened to it really harshly. Sister Mei asked with a mockery, whether you were wrong, or the head was kicked by a donkey.I have to go with you, and let’s talk about it. I was not willing that day. You also know that I drank a lot of alcohol and happened under the stimulation of alcohol.

The content of the quarrel between the two was seen by Jenny upstairs. She seemed to have guessed something, but she didn’t say it. The little handsome was a difficult Lord. He would not give up lightly.Luo Bo said a whisper, and the scared sister of Mei was bold every day, for fear that her husband knew about them.

The next day, Sister Mei received an envelope, all of which were indecent photos that night. Rob on the side looked at her wife’s face embarrassed and asked her what happened.In this way, she still responded very politely. I was fine.

Luo Bo saw the traces of the beard on the Xinpi. He remembered that he was in the bar that day. He stepped forward to talk about his wife. He thought that the two had something to hide from himself.After going to the bar, he gave the beard fiercely.

Afterwards, Rob asked the old golden head to fish for fishing, and by the way, the little handsome was called. It happened that the little handsome wanted to solve the two. After a while, they would be buried in the sea.Land, people,,,, failed to drown the old golden head, instead rescued Rob.

Although Lao Jintou did not call him the police, he couldn’t let him come to work in the fish. The little handsome returned to the residence, and he called his father with a grievance. If you look closely, you will find that the earpiece will not haveEven with the phone line, this means that Xiaoshuai is edited and performed, talking to himself to himself.

It turned out that when Xiao Shuai was young, his father often violence at him. He scolded him not like a man. He had no masculinity. He grew up slowly. The little handsome wings were hard. He killed his father and divided the corpse.It is, Xiaoshuai has an illusion, and his father is still alive in his subconscious.

Jenny came to find the little handsome and opened the way seriously. Please don’t destroy Mei’s family. Who knows that before he finish speaking, he was killed by the little handsome, and he also hid her body.

At the same time, Rob happened to see the beard walking towards Xiaoshuai’s house. He followed closely and wanted to go forward to see the excitement.Benefits, who knows that Xiao Shuai does not play the card normally, a fire bottle is still on the beard, and the flames spread instantly.

Fortunately, Rob did not care about the previous suspicion, extinguished the fire with clothes, saved the beard, and the beard shook out the affairs of Mei and Xiaoshuai in order to thank Rob. Listening to this, Robber was almost mad.After he got on the car, he stepped home and returned home, and asked his wife why he betrayed himself.

But before Sister Mei had time to explain it, the little handsome hammer would smash on Rob’s head. If it wasn’t for Sister Mei to stop it in time, the little handsome had to die. In order to save her husband, Mei promised to elope with the little handsome.Essence

The two drove Rob’s cars and drove on the road. There was also a comatose beard brother behind the car. On the way, Sister Mei was always thinking about how to escape, but unfortunately they were broken by the little handsome one by one.

On the other side, the old golden head found Rober and woke him up in time. Who knew that he stood up and ran to the place where Xiao Shuai lived. Although he did not find someone, he accidentally found it in the box.Jenny, she was not dead, but was fainted by the little handsome.

At this time, it was night, and the black light could not see anything clearly, and Sister Mei wanted to escape, and finally the handsome little handsome killed the beard behind the car., The end is the same as him.

Sister Mei could only pretend to be soft. When she hugged him, she secretly loosened her hand brakes. When the car slipped towards the cliff, Sister Mei finally jumped out at the end of the bus.It’s right.

When Sister Mei stood on the road, her husband drove up, and he drove straight towards his wife. He didn’t mean to slow down in half a point.It became a slag.

The ending is very beautiful. Robe and Sister Mei did not divorce, and they were still together, but the child was beaten. I was gratifying me. Rob finally died the courage to read the medical examination report.Next generation.

The film is over. Thank you for watching it. Here, you remind the ladies in good faith that it is not bad for drinking, but you must let your husband accompany him. In case you do something well, you regret it late.

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