The women who were trapped in Shanghai "Qiuzi Apartment" tried at the age of 51 for 6 years: Is it incomplete if you do n’t have a child?

At that time, when people shouted: "Dare to give birth, unwilling to give birth", there were such a group of women. They wanted to have a child in dreaming, but they couldn’t ask.

In this "ask for a child apartment" in Shanghai, women who live in the hospital from all over the country to gather the hospital for the hospital. Most of them are still pregnant for many years. After trying various methods, they finally embarked on the "IVF".the way.

Women who live in "ask for children’s apartments" are embarrassed with the obsession of "asking for the son". They press the possibility of love, marriage, and even their own lives, but there seems to be few mothers., I just want a child because of love.

The couple waiting for egg retrieval at Jiai Hospital

After the painful attempts and desperate failures again and again, even they started to doubt that all this is really worth it?

"Chuanzong succession is the obligation of women"

Opposite the Shanghai Ji’ai Hospital, there is a legendary "ask for a child apartment".

The 49 -year -old sister Chen is the operator of this "ask for a child apartment". At the same time, she is also a "begging" person with 10 IVF (IVF) experience.

The picture comes from the documentary "Strange Eggs"

At the age of 38, Sister Chen’s son died unfortunately for drowning.Three years later, the 41 -year -old Chen Yiyi embarked on the journey of "test tube".

It took her 5 years to take 5 years. After dozens of egg retrieval and transplantation, she finally gave birth to a pair of twin sons at the age of 46.

The picture comes from the documentary "Strange Eggs"

The twin son looks very similar to his death, which makes her heart feel very comfortable.

And her successful experience also silently inspired many women who went to ask for the child apartment …

The picture comes from the documentary "Strange Eggs"

In asking for a child apartment, Sister Chen is not just a manager, but more often like a everyone. She is busy every day, cooking and cleaning, reminding the sisters to get injections on time.

The woman who came to ask for the son also regarded Sister Chen as a intimate consultant around her. Check what problems with the indicators and what to pay attention to in test tubes … They will choose to ask Sister Chen as soon as possible.

Sister Chen called the "Lottery Day" on the day of the results, always comforting them: "As long as you persist, there will be certain."

The picture comes from the documentary "Strange Eggs"

But egg retrieval and transplantation are a painful process. Most of the trials of hopes are in exchange for the ending of hope.

The 51 -year -old sister, the elder sister, took more than a dozen eggs in 6 years and was implanted five or six times, but she did not have bed. Now she has no embryo, and she has come to promote it again.

She said, "I have it, I won’t give up."

The picture comes from the documentary "Strange Eggs"

Qianqian and her husband Xiaobai from Fuyang, Anhui also lived in Qiuzi Apartment.

For three years, the couple have been in their hometown and Shanghai hospitals. They have experienced two egg retrieval and 5 transplanted failures. The accommodation and test tube costs spent more than 300,000.

The picture comes from the documentary "Strange Eggs"

Fortunately, they are still very young, and the expectations of pregnancy are not so urgent. When asked if they were still unsuccessful this time, Xiaobai said optimisticly: should be done again, and they will not give up.

Qianqian’s tone is also slightly relaxed: "Titan tube, just try it, it will always be successful."

The picture comes from the documentary "Strange Eggs"

However, for ordinary families, the long -term trials made the test tube surgery of "burning money" unbearable.

Various charging orders during IVF surgery

The picture comes from the documentary "Strange Eggs"

Because of "no children", these women trapped in "asking for the child" were carrying the pressure of the successful generation and being restrained by the family conditions. They embraced hope again and again, but they could not do anything about their own dilemma.

The same scene is staged in large and small cities, hospitals, and narrow sons apartments every day.

The picture comes from "Birthday" in the second episode of "World World"

"Without a child, the home is gone"

Wenxia from Sichuan has no baby who has been married to her husband for many years.Three years ago, she came to ask for an apartment, took the eggs once, and transplanted twice, but they ended in failure.

Three years later, she came to "ask for a child apartment" again, brought almost all savings, and pledged all the hope of life.For this precarious marriage, "having a child" has become the only link to maintain the relationship between husband and wife.

The picture comes from the documentary "Strange Eggs"

After realizing that she shouldered the heavy responsibility of "Chuan Zong’s succession", Wen Xia completely lost the status of husband and wife who should have been equal in the family: "For so many years together, I want to have a child for him. This is my responsibility. I feel like I owe it.He is the same. "

In order to make up for the "wrong" of her "unable to give birth", she carefully pleased her and worked hard to make her husband happy.

Two people walk together, and she will trot to follow her husband’s pace; when speaking, she will bend down her waist and face her husband; eating together, she will try to take the initiative to provoke the topic and secretly observe her husband’s face.

But more often, the husband had only a indifference that he didn’t say a word.

The picture comes from the documentary "Strange Eggs"

The only time for the couple is talking about the child.

Looking at the sunset together, the husband looked forward to: "No matter whether it is a boy and a girl, it is best to come two at once."

The picture comes from the documentary "Strange Eggs"

In order to save 2,000 pieces of hemp medicine money, Wenxia was willing to endure the pain of the egg with the thickness of the small thumb.

In the face of the inquiry of concern, she just gritted her teeth and said, "Don’t hurt, I hope to come a few more times, there will be a follicles, and I can realize my husband’s wishes."

This time, Wen Xia finally ushered in the dawn of victory, and she was pregnant.

However, because Wen Xia’s uterine cavity had bleeding and there were some problems with the gestational sac, the doctor’s feedback was not very good, and the husband standing on the side was gloomy.

The program team asked her husband: "If this time it is still not successful, what do you plan to do?"

The husband said, "Naturally, you are all happy, but if you are unsuccessful, I don’t know what to do?"

Wen Xia said calmly: "Then let him find another."

She explained that with the helplessness and careful test of fate: "Find another one to let him have a child. He wants to have a child. I can’t give birth. Our strength is not allowed, and money is not allowed. That’s it."

Facing the camera, Wen Xia’s tears flowed down, but the husband on the side said nothing.

The picture comes from the documentary "Strange Eggs"

Two weeks later, the show team received Wen Xia’s WeChat again, and the baby she transplanted was unfortunately miscarriage.

Just as she encountered dual trauma in her body and soul, her husband and mother -in -law drove her out of the house.

Wen Xia didn’t understand why the marriage life he had been looking forward to became like this: "Why do others live and be honest, but I live so sad, and I don’t seem to feel like I am useless without a child."

The picture comes from the documentary "Strange Eggs"

Wen Xia wants to divorce, her husband said, "Divorce can be, but more than 600,000 will return to test tubes."

Wen Xia was tired of her body and mind. For love, she was willing to pay for it and lively and humble, but she only gained the grievances and indifference of her in -laws.

The picture comes from the documentary "Strange Eggs"

Wen Xia remembered herself when she was young, worked around South Korea and Japan, and saved her savings of two or 300,000. Life was full of hope, but now because of a child who has not arrived, she is very painful.

She cut off her long hair, changed her new clothes, and was determined to bid farewell to this hopeless marriage and the continuous process of asking for her childhood. This time, she wanted to be alone and started from scratch.

The picture comes from the documentary "Strange Eggs"

Silent men on the road

Like Wen Xia, Dan Dan is another wife who is carrying her husband’s wish.

At the age of 35, she and Wen Xia accepted egg retrieval in the hospital on the same day. Her results were very good. There were 25 eggs and 15 were available. In the end, she was fertilized and eventually formed 9 embryos, but she had a long way to get pregnant.

Due to long -term sought for the sons, Dan Dan’s mental pressure has arrived to see a psychiatrist.But she still firmly believes: "It is what I should do for the successful generation. If there is no child, life will not be complete."

The picture comes from the documentary "Strange Eggs"

There is also a post -90s Xinxin who is also in the predicament of children.

Xinxin’s function of uterus and ovaries is not sound because of the congenital chromosomal abnormalities.

If you want to have children, you can only wait for the eggs, and then give birth to a child with a husband Yang Hao, but "have nothing to do with her".

But at present, my country’s egg library has not yet been established, and it can only rely on "love donation".

However, according to Xinxin’s physical condition, even if he waits for eggs, the chance of successful conception is not very high.

The picture comes from the documentary "Strange Eggs"

Although Xinxin and her husband fell in love with each other, the in -laws had lost their patience. They put pressure on Xinxin: "Divorce in one year."

Yang Hao’s mother states: "This is not possible in the countryside."

They can accept that Xinxin is not the child’s biological mother, but cannot accept adoption and no. For face and tradition, they need a child with a blood relationship with his son.

"No filial piety has three, there is no great afterwards."

In the incident of "having a child", Yang Hao and his family kept synchronization. He was unwilling to bear the pressure from surrounding him. He agreed that his mother’s decision was unsuccessful: "The world is not only two people in the world.Don’t string relatives, right? "

And they want to be paid by Xinxin’s family, as if this is just a problem of Xinxin’s family.

The picture comes from the documentary "Strange Eggs"

Regarding the future, Xinxin dare not expect extravagant hope: "Anyway, now I can take the biggest effort to take a step."

In the documentary, doctors who have decades of medical experience lamented that there were no children caused by men. Women were generally tolerant. They proposed that there were very few divorce or family splitting, and otherwise, it was not necessarily.

The picture comes from the documentary "Strange Eggs"

The situation of the Xinxin family is just the opposite. The little five have sperm -free, and have been seeking medical treatment for many years. Finally, they decided to choose sperm for sperm from the public sperm bank.

From the detection of decision to the decision to accept the sperm supply, in the ten -year marriage, at first, Xiao Wu was entangled in the "blood margin", and later compromised to the pressure of "Chuanzong’s succession", but whether it was born or not, his wife never had half a sentence.Complaints.

The picture comes from the documentary "Strange Eggs"

We can never feel the same with others, but should we take over, should it be the true feelings of women from the bottom of the heart, or to some extent, is it defined by others?

People in it may never find the answer.

In Sister Chen’s "Seeking Zizi Apartment", both husband and wife who have experienced many failures and are endangered by marriage, and families who re -ignite the hope of life through medical technology.

Countless sleeping nights, countless expectations have made a young child the only criterion for identifying the meaning of life.

The picture comes from the documentary "Strange Eggs"

Some people show sympathy for such a choice, and some people scoff, but the sadness and suffering in them may only be able to truly understand it.

At the end of the documentary, Xiaobai and Qianqian still traveled between their hometown and Shanghai hospitals. Dandan looked forward to the next miracle, and Wen Xia was waiting for her husband to divorce.

Sister Chen’s "Qi Zi Apartment" still ushered in. Some people succeeded, some failed, some people were supporting, and someone was broken …

Maybe only here we can see that those women in the marriage relationship are not freedom to choose for themselves for their husbands, families, for traditions.

Author: Cheryl, Source: Elite said.

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