The World Cup champion is too happy!Kiss 24 -year -old wife’s pregnant belly, will be the third time as a father

Born on April 22, 1982, Kaka ushered in his 38th birthday yesterday.On social platforms, Kaka’s newlywed wife Karolina Dias took a sweet photo: Kaka kissed his beloved pregnant belly, and on the side was a pure white birthday cake.The 24-year-old Karolina Dias is pregnant, and Kaka is about to be the third time!

Kaka is the white horse prince in the hearts of countless fans.In the 2002 World Cup, 20 -year -old Kaka followed the Brazilian national team to win the championship, although Kaka at that time was only a "mascot"; in AC Milan, Kaka achieved the status of the first person in the world, Messi and Ronaldo,Mr. Golden Globe before the altar.

Today’s Kaka enjoys happiness and happiness.On April 22, Kaka’s wife Karolina Dias took a group photo and video on INS to celebrate Kaka’s birthday.

The 38-year-old Kaka, wearing a white shirt, is still the image of Prince White Horse; his wife Karolina Dias is wearing a white dress, dignified and beautiful.Kaka leaned down and kissed his wife’s belly.Ten days ago, Carolina Dias announced that she was pregnant with Kaka.

"This cake represents 38 -year -old; I am 24 -year -old who is about to be a mother for the first time. This is also the birthday of a 9 -year -old girl. She has a 11 -year -old brother and will have a younger brother or a younger sister.! "Callena Dias wrote.

For Kaka, life is really happy: On April 22, Kaka ushered in a 38th birthday; on April 23, her daughter Isabella ushered in a 9 -year -old birthday.In a few months, Kaka will also usher in the third child.As the "stepmother", Karolina Dias, with Kaka’s son and daughter in harmony, has deep feelings.

Kaka once lost love and recovered love.Once, Kaka and Caroline’s love was as wonderful as a fairy tale. He met in 2002. He entered the palace of marriage in 2005 and had a child and a daughter: Little Luca (born in June 2008), Isabella(Born in April 2011).In 2015, the divorce of the golden boy and jade daughter found new love.Last November, Kaka and Karolina Dias were married. Soon, they will usher in the crystallization of love.

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