The world’s eight celebrities cupping, Chinese medicine is circulating abroad, very popular and earning money!

What is the replacement of Western medicine today, it is called cupping therapy in ancient times.This is to use specific types of cups on your skin to help relieve pain, inflammation, blood flow, and help you with your overall health.

Some studies even show that if you want to get pregnant, wet cupping may help treat infertility.It can improve your blood circulation, which also helps conceive.The following celebrities are convinced of cupping therapy, and publicly tells how cupping therapy helps them internally and externally.

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The Rock Boulder Johnson tried cupping for the first time in 2021. He said: "It looks more rough than the actual, but in general I enjoy this treatment. I have been looking for new technologies to let this 250 million years ago.The dinosaur body maintains a balance and best state, which can not only cope with all my past damage, but also my daily grinding. All this will pay the price, so active initiative is important. We have only one body, so we must have one body, so we must have a body, so we must have a body, so we must have a body.Take care of it. "

GwyNeth Paltrow (Gwyneth Paltrow) arrived at New York City TV and Broadcasting Museum to watch the special screening of "Host Ron Burgundy Legend"

Gwyneth Paltrow claims that she likes Oriental Medicine, especially cupping.On her website Goop, she wrote, "The method of oriental medicine is different from Western medicine -it is more comprehensive. The root cause of the problem has been solved, instead of using prescription drugs to treat symptoms, and the result is back."

She is very grateful to use antibiotics or surgery if necessary, but "all kinds of helping the body’s self -healing method has greatly affected her." Oriental News, © Shutterstock /

Jennifer Aniston appeared on the premiere of the movie "Calling me lunatic", and her back was noticed by the round mark.It turns out that she is not a novice for cupping therapy.In fact, she has been using it as a cyclic stimulator for many years.Although she seems to try to cover these spots with concealer, they are still clearly visible under the bright and flashing lights from paparazzi.

Calum Best, a British -American TV celebrity, said that he was drawn out of a "blood cake" on his head and claimed that he had never felt better.

"It is too hard, but when I leave, I feel 10 times lighter, refreshing, and the system is cleaner. After 2 months, I went back to do it again. As a result, the blood was 10 times less.It shows that my circular system has been cleaned up. Unhealthy blood enters the cup, without air, it will solidify immediately. "

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Hailey Bieber publicly expressed her love for natural health therapy."I swear with spine massage therapy, I swear with acupuncture. For me, the work of spine massage therapy is a small crack from cupping to grastin.It should be beneficial to injury. I like to go to sauna and infrared sauna. I like everything. "

Justin Bieber seems to be using cupping therapy and is willing to shoot and take pictures of magazines after treatment.

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After high -intensity exercise and became "completely collapsed", Kaley Cuoco decided to try cupping."My angel Flory is really shaving my legs and hips. I am too tight and can hardly bend or rotate. I haven’t really moved in a few weeks."

Her therapist said: "Your fascia is tight and tight, I need to remove it. Your nerves and ligaments will get better."

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Lady Gaga seemed to heal after receiving cupping treatment. She lamented: "What a beautiful day, it was beaten well by some Chinese medicine cupping. But keep healthy!"

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Jessica Simpson tried cupping during pregnancy because her feet were very swollen.Her feet have three different "cups"; after treatment, her feet have become smaller.

Although she tried to treat her feet with some frozen chicken, cupping seemed to be more effective for her."My feet are very swollen. I thought at the time,‘ What do people do to discourage it? ’You use ice. I do n’t have ice bags. I just use chicken."

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