The young couple did not get pregnant for 3 years, but they turned out to be "retrograde ejaculation" in Chong.

Three years ago, Wang Bin (pseudonym) and his 3 -year -old Lily had a long -bath love river under the matching of colleagues, but in the past three years, Lily’s belly became larger.In a hurry, for this reason, the young couple watched a lot of doctors and took a lot of Chinese medicine, but there was no movement.

The young couple took the cars sent to the provincial capital under the recommendation of others. They went to the infertility specialty of the Provincial Maternal and Child Health Hospital. They found Professor Liu of a well -known expert.After a professional and detailed examination, the conclusion was given: Lily’s body indicators were normal, and the problem lies in Xiao Wang. Xiao Wang’s situation is a rare "retrograde ejacus"!

So what is retrograde ejaculation?Professor Liu explained: "Rebellion ejaculation means that when men reaches the climax of sexual intercourse, although ejaculation movements, the semen does not shoot forward from the urethral opening, but the retrograde flows back into the bladder.In the bladder, the disease is one of the causes of infertility caused by infertility in the development of the male reproductive system. Sexual intercourse reaches a orgasm and has ejaculation actions, but no semen is shot forward from the urethral mouth, and those who flow back into the bladder can diagnose this disease.","

What are the symptoms of retrograde ejaculation

First, the liver strong and qi reverse emotions. In general, the liver hurts the liver due to depression and easy to get angry. Then it will affect the rebellion of the mechanism, and the essence will change.

Second, kidney Yuan Qi deficiency, this is also a symptom manifestation of the long -term disease of men, which will damage the kidney in the body. If the kidney deficiency occurs in the body, it will affect the dysfunction of the bladder and affect the intercourse between the normal husband and wife.

Third, the essence is damaged, the male long -term sex without intercourse, or often masturbation, often causes the sperm quality in the body to fail to meet the standards. When the intercourse is accidentally, damage will occur in the sperm tract, which will cause reverse flow and flow into the bladder into the bladder into the bladder into the bladder into the bladder into the bladder into the bladder.inside.

Fourth, the body’s nutritional factors are caused by poor nutritional factors, dampness and heat in the body, humidity and heat, and humidity resistance, which affects normal ejaculation.

At the same time, Professor Liu explained some common sense to prevent this disease: "Rebellion ejaculation is currently not satisfied with the effect of drug treatment. Surgical treatment should pay attention to mastering the indication and taboos to avoid other complications. For the purpose of treatment, it is only a patient who wants to give birth.The collection of semen should be given to artificial insemination, and the success rate is high. This is also the most widely used method. Pay urethral mirror inspection. Pay attention to the direction of the ejaculation tube of the ejaculation tube.Baby "Share more parenting information, WeChat" Gexing567 "—- Press and copy-go to WeChat to follow

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