The younger son of the British couple died, and the eldest son didn’t have much time.

According to the "Mirror" local time reported on July 15th local time, a couple from Merissend County, England first encountered a young son in the death of his younger son, and then lost his eldest son with only seventeen months.The death of the two sons took a heavy blow to the life of the young couple.Is it because of what makes them lose love frequently?

It is reported that Charlie, the eldest son of Andy and Sarah Rook, was diagnosed with spinal muscle atrophic respiratory disease (SMARD) in November 2019 with spinal muscle atrophy respiratory disease (SMARD)To.He died in February this year due to muscle weakness and respiratory failure caused by the disease, and these diseases usually begin to appear during infants and young children."Spinal muscle atrophy respiratory inhibitory" is a rare disease of an ingredients invisible genetic class. The slowdown in the uterus, weak crying, and foot deformity of the foot are the earliest symptoms of the disease.Most patients have caused respiratory failure due to weakness of muscle weakness in 1-6 months. The main lower limbs are affected, and sensory nerves and autonomic nerves are also affected.Therefore, the necessary prenatal diagnosis is very necessary.

When Charlie was diagnosed with spinal cord muscle atrophy respiratory inhibitory, Sarah was pregnant with his brother Thomas at this time.According to Liverpool echo reports, testing shows that Thomas also has the same rare genetic disease.The bad news one after another brought a deep blow to this original happy family.As soon as the reality of his brother Thomas’s unfortunate death, his father Andy had to face the illness of the eldest son Charlie again.

Charlie’s prognosis shows that Charlie has little time.In order to leave good memories to Charlie, his father Andy decided to accompany each other during this time.The family helped Charlie to write the "List of Wish". All the projects that Charlie wanted to try, his father Andy did his best to satisfy.They asked Charlie to swim at the spa swimming pool, took the sand to the hospital to let him experience the happiness of the beach, and also produced a souvenir for Charlie’s hand and footprints, and even held a grand party a few weeks ago.

Charlie is unfortunate, but is happy.Because he loves his parents.

Picture source: mirror, bing

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