There are 3 symptoms of discomfort during pregnancy. How to solve it?Do not have to die, deal with it cleverly

There will be a lot of discomfort during pregnancy, 38 weeks of pregnancy, which is a long -term painful process for mothers.After each time I adapt to the reaction for a while, I immediately ushered in the next reaction.Some uncomfortable reactions during pregnancy do not need to rely on willpower hard resistance, and there are still some ways to relieve it.Next, I will analyze the three discomforts and solutions during pregnancy.

Studies have shown that 3/4 people will have early pregnancy reactions after pregnancy.Therefore, there are still a few lucky children without obvious symptoms.However, some lucky people are worried that they have not reacted normally without early pregnancy?This is completely unnecessary worried, let’s get happy.

For early pregnancy reactions, it is recommended to eat less meals to avoid satiety and avoid empty stomach.Some foreign guidelines believe that eating a small snack before getting up in the morning may help.In addition, it is recommended to do something that pregnant women like to eat. At this time, you don’t need to be too entangled with nutrition, as long as you can eat food, it is a victory.Pay attention to nutritional supplementation. You can stay in the middle of pregnancy, and then do it after early pregnancy reaction.Here are recommended soda biscuits, lemonade, and mint are all helpful for alleviating vomiting symptoms.

If the severity of pregnancy is to be eaten, you need to go to the hospital for examination.Pregnancy drama is a disease that requires intravenous infusion treatment, but don’t feel that pregnancy is normal.

The problem of constipation during pregnancy is also very common. According to data, about 16%to 39%of pregnant women will encounter.This is mainly because progesterone is in the dysfunction, which affects gastrointestinal motility.Generally speaking, stools are normal 3 times a day to 3 times a day.With this amount less than this, that is constipation.

Constipation problems can first be intervened by changing lifestyle.Eat more fruits and fruits to increase dietary fiber.Dietary fiber can promote gastrointestinal motility, and eat about 400-500g daily.Eating more crude grain grains with high cellulose will also help.At the same time, pay attention to replenish water, drink plenty of water, and stool will not be too dry.Appropriate exercise during pregnancy is also possible, such as yoga, walking, and jogging can be tried.

If you have to use the medicine, it is not recommended to use only Kaisa.This lubricant’s laxative, the domestic drug guidelines are clearly used by pregnant women. You can try to use lactose. This is a medicine that can be used by infants and young children. It is more safe, but it is effective to take it a few times.

Many people have misunderstood, thinking that the leg cramps during pregnancy are due to calcium deficiency.In fact, it is magnesium deficiency.There are no related drugs in China, and diversified vitamins during pregnancy can be supplemented.In addition, it will also help to do stretching exercises: 60cm from the wall from the wall, the heels are not separated, the birthday becomes a straight line, stretch the muscles behind the legs, keeps 20 seconds, repeats 3 times, and lasts 4 times a day for 1 week.Change to 2 times a day.

The symptoms of uncomfortable pregnancy are strange, and many may be the impact of sensory problems.Therefore, maintaining a good mood during pregnancy is the simplest way to maintain, but it is difficult to do.Therefore, family members should give tolerance and care, and work together to live this not easy pregnancy.

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