There are abnormal secretions on pregnant mothers underwear, which may be a signal of danger of fetus

After pregnancy, the development and health of the fetal baby always affect the heart of the pregnant mother.Because of the changes in maternal love and hormones, many treasure mothers even become very glass -hearted, particularly sensitive, and are afraid of affecting the health of the fetal treasure at all.

For example, the shameful and annoying secretions! There is a normal physiological phenomenon during pregnancy during pregnancy, but most of the pregnancy secretions do embarrassing the pregnant mommy.

There are three types of changes in secretions during pregnancy: increased secretions, increased water, and increased viscosity.

Most of the pregnancy secretion is normal. After pregnancy, due to the effect of estrogen and the vulva, vagina, cervix and other parts of the pregnant woman, the blood flow of the vulva, vagina, and cervix are accelerated.The amount of leucorrhea secretion is more.This is a normal phenomenon during pregnancy, and generally does not require special treatment.

However, some diseases can also cause changes in secretions. This is that pregnant mothers are better to seek medical treatment in time.

Inflammation infection

If the secretion is thick yellow or brown, it is accompanied by itching or pain, this usually indicates that the pregnant mother may have some inflammation. At this time, the pregnant mother is required to go to the hospital for examination and treatment.

Threatened abortion

The main manifestations are bleeding and abdominal pain in early pregnancy.Generally, in the threatened current, the vaginal bleeding is less and the abdominal pain is mild.

Possibility of ectopic pregnancy

No matter what period of pregnancy, there are any symptoms of bleeding, you need to tell your doctor.Usually mild bleeding is not considered a serious problem, but when you see red or blood, especially accompanied by abdominal pain or colic, it is best to see it immediately, because this may be a sign of miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy.

Disease with cervical disease

After pregnancy, brown discharge may be diseases such as cervical erosion and cervical polyps before pregnancy.

It may be a manifestation of a small amount of menstruation after pregnancy

You should rest in bed and do not do severe activities. It is best not to get out of bed except to go to the toilet. Generally, this phenomenon will disappear in about 2 days.

In order to avoid infection during pregnancy, pregnant mothers must pay attention to personal hygiene, and at the same time cultivate a regular lifestyle: get up early and get up early, arrange diet reasonably, perform proper exercises, and maintain a good mentality, so that the bacteria will not be "Fighting "can the baby can develop healthy!

Pregnant mothers, have you carefully observed your secretions during pregnancy? If the secretions continue to occur abnormal, don’t ignore it, you must go to the hospital to seek the help of a professional doctor in time.

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