There are brown secretions in the early stages of pregnancy, so I can’t eat nervously

Many friends have experienced brown secretions in the early pregnancy, right and repeated.Generally, more than 40 days, there are a little brown secretion of logistics every time you go to the toilet, and some last for 2-3 days, but come again in a few days.Others lasted for a week, repeated.

If this happens, you call to tell your mother.

Your mother will definitely say that the child is just pregnant, don’t be tired, hurry up!When you come back to your mother’s house, Mom makes you delicious, come back and lie down, let’s not do anything!IntersectionIntersection

If you tell your mother -in -law, she will say: Oh, why are you so careless, you have to pay attention, in case you have done something, I am still waiting to hold my grandson.

If you tell you your girlfriend, your girlfriend will say: I haven’t got married yet, I am still a girl, what do you tell me, go to a doctor.

If you tell your female colleagues, you will be kind and reliable and say: Don’t be nervous, it doesn’t matter, I also appeared at the time, and it would be fine after a while.

If you let the female colleague of the gossip know, he will say: Oh my god, don’t go to the hospital quickly!IntersectionThen whoever is, that’s it, then miscarriage ~~ and then describing the description of the eyebrows.

When you have this situation, in addition to the need to be full of sunshine, positive energy, encourage you, and comfort your husband, you also need to master some knowledge, such as below.

When you see a brown secretion, don’t be nervous first.

It is nothing more than two cases, one threatened abortion.One may be caused by bed.

There is also an ectopic pregnancy. Under the popularity here, ectopic pregnancy is the combination of sperm and eggs. When returning to the uterus, it is rooted in the fallopian tube.Of course, the fallopian tube is not the place where embryo develops, so it will stomach stomachache as the embryo grows rapidly.

Personally, if you think that ectopic pregnancy, you will have a pain in your stomach.Generally, there is no such thing. Of course, when you go to the hospital, you must check the B -ultrasound first, because now the fallopian tubes are blocked, and the probability of extraterritical pregnancy also increases.But knowing that these knowledge can at least comfort themselves, not panic.

Then, if a threatened abortion, in addition to the brown secretion, the color will gradually deepen, even blood, and there will be mild abdominal pain.This process is relatively fast, the embryo will fall quickly, and it will not drag for a long time.If this is really the case, it means that it is a natural law, which is better.Don’t be sad, raise your body, and continue to prepare for your next pregnancy.

What is said is that there is actually no problem, but it always looks careless.Of course, it is inevitable to rest in early pregnancy.But not all wind blowing grass is signs of miscarriage. In turn, you should think so. All abnormal phenomena during pregnancy are caused by pregnancy. There is no need to have a fuss. It is normal during pregnancy.

In the early days, brown secretions were often because there were cervical erosion, some inflammation of cervical polyps, or the old uterine endometrium continued to fall off by hormones.Either embryo in bed invasion of the molcinal blood vessels caused by a small amount of bleeding.If you do n’t use artificial intervention, continue to observe. Generally, you go to the hospital, and the doctor is determined.The B -ultrasound looked at the discharge of ectopic pregnancy, which confirmed that the embryo was indeed in the uterus, and it could have germ hearts, and tires were discharged.

Let you go home and wait, what are you waiting for?Either wait for yourself, or wait for natural abortion, and the doctor can’t do anything in this case. A good doctor will comfort you and rush home to let you continue to observe.

So at this time, you only need to pay attention to observation by yourself. On the other hand, you can rest and supplement nutrition.

In the end, most people will slowly turn it without consciousness, because the endometrium is exhausted, and the hormones of the body are balanced.

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I wish all readers go well and think about things

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