There are many benefits of probiotics, and consumption during pregnancy can help babies prevent eczema

[Encyclopedia knowledge] Probiotics are a type of active microorganisms that are beneficial to hosts. They are planted in the human intestine and reproductive system. It can produce exact health effects and improve the activity of the host’s micro -ecological balance and exert its beneficial microorganism.At present, the most powerful products in the world are composite active probiotics composed of various microorganisms, which are widely used in the fields of biological engineering, industry, agriculture, food safety, and life and health.

Recently, according to a research from Finnish scientific research institutions, the probability of infant eczema will be greatly reduced if the mother often consumes probiotics during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

[Probiotics are beneficial to infants and young children to prevent eczema]

Researchers say that probiotics can maintain bacterial balance in the intestine and prevent diseases from spreading, and can even affect the health of children through placental or immune cells in placenta or breast milk.

The main author of this study, Samomeli Laotava from the Central Hospital of Turku University, and his colleagues divided 241 women in pregnancy into three groups. In the period, two groups were allowed to take different probiotic combinations and another group.Take a placebo.All expectant mothers have a history of allergies, so their children have higher risks in allergic reactions such as eczema.

They were assigned reagents that were allocated in the last two months of pregnancy and the first two months of lactation.Then the researchers followed up to observe how many rash has been observed in the past two years.The results of the study show that 71%of the children have suffered from at least once, while only 29%of the use of probiotics are taken, which is far less than the placebo group.Among the children with chronic eczema, 26%of the placebo groups, and the other two probiotics groups were 10%and 6%, respectively.

[Although the results are encouraged, in -depth research is yet to be confirmed]

"This study shows that probiotics can indeed reduce the occurrence of eczema, and this intervention is extremely easy for mothers." Said Richgupa, an allergic eczema researcher at the Fanberg Medical College of Northwest University.But she said that it was too early to judge that it had more serious allergies such as asthma.Laota himself also said that there are still insufficient research, and it can not make reasonable suggestions on the probiotic categories that should be used in the daily life.

Laota and his colleagues did not find any evidence of probiotics that have relevant side effects, and the report also pointed out that probiotics in the baby have a certain impact on infection and other aspects. Providing mothers with probiotics will reduce children’s infection.risk.

Of course, some researchers have questioned whether the probiotics provided on the counter of all pharmacies are beneficial to health, especially those different types of probiotics.

"Although it is encouraged, some controversial places still need to be confirmed." Said James, a pediatric allergic researcher at the School of Medicine and Public Health of the University of Wisconsin.

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