There are many blood clots during the "Auntie"?Or these 3 guys are tapping, they need to attract attention

The health of "Auntie" is closely related to the fertility of women, gynecological diseases, and physical conditions. Therefore, many women now pay attention to the "aunt" situation during menstruation.Many women will find that they will have blood clots during menstruation. If it is a small blood clot, you don’t have to worry.Because with the endometrium falling off, some impurities and residual blood will condense into small pieces and fall off together.However, if you find that the blood clots are relatively large, you must pay attention, it may be caused by a certain disease.So, which disease may there be blood clots during menstruation?

What are the blood clots related to blood clots during menstruation?

1. Gong Han

Gonghan is the first killer of women infertility. Normal women’s uterus should be warm and suitable for fertilized egg development.If the uterine environment is relatively cold, fertilized eggs cannot go in bed smoothly.Even if the pregnancy is successful, the chance of abortion will be higher than ordinary people.A large part of the palace Han of modern women is caused by greedy cold foods, such as frozen beverages, ice cream, etc.In addition, some palace Han was caused by the uterus being cold.Therefore, women should pay attention to the warmth of the lower abdomen and waist in winter or rainy days, and do not stay in a humid and cool place for a long time.

2. Endocrine disorders

The endocrine system is a tissue system that helps the human body regulate the secretion hormone and metabolic in the body, and the endocrine system in the human body is abnormal.That is to say, when we call endocrine disorders, various diseases in the human body will appear, and it is even more obvious for women.Endocrine disorders are also one of the important factors of women’s irregular menstruation, which affects the function of normal physiological metabolism of cells and can easily cause dysmenorrhea and blood clots.Endocrine disorders are related to seasonal replacement, sleep and diet. Therefore, women should pay attention to their usual eating habits.

Third, pelvic inflammatory disease

Pelvic inflammatory disease is a gynecological disease that reaches the pelvic cavity through the uterus and fallopian tube because of the retrograde of the bacteria and the fallopian tube.Normal female reproductive system has a natural defense function and can resist the invasion of general bacteria.Only when the body’s resistance decreases or other reasons cause the natural defense ability of women to be destroyed, the bacteria will be driven straight, causing pelvic inflammatory disease.The pelvic inflammation will inevitably affect the normal menstruation of women, cause the blood blood to be unobstructed, cause blood blockage and form blood clots.

Of course, in addition to these situations mentioned above, the blood clots can cause blood clots, and blood stasis and liver qi stagnation are also one of the factors that cause blood clots.Therefore, when women have blood clots during menstruation, they should go to the hospital for gynecological examination, clarify the cause, and then treat the symptoms.At the same time, you can also choose to go to the Chinese Medicine Hospital to see Chinese medicine and slowly condition the body.Women should also pay attention to cold prevention and warmth in their daily lives, adjust their diet structure, and work hard to eliminate menstrual blood clots.

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