There are many men in urine, and there are many females. Is this right?

Recently, there is another saying on judging the gender of the baby: there are many men with urine, and there are many females.And a large number of netizens said that the situation is in line with themselves. Many netizens used it as the basis for judging men and women. Is this statement correct?

According to the analysis of the obstetrics and gynecology experts, the urine of pregnant women has nothing to do with the boys and women.The uterus will indirectly compress the bladder during the process of breeding the fetus, which will cause phenomenon of urine.Half of pregnant women in the early stages of pregnancy are frequent.

According to statistics, nearly 80%of pregnant women in the later stages of pregnancy are troubled by frequent urination. They will get up to run the toilet at night, which seriously affects the quality of sleep.So what is the cause of frequent urination of pregnant women?

The bladder is a thin -walled urine storage and urination organs. The front of women’s bladder is the combination of pubic bone and pubic bone, and the latter is the uterus and vagina.Women’s genitals are adjacent to the bladder, and their blood vessels, lymphs and nerves are closely related.In the early stages of pregnancy, pelvic congestion, increased uterine bodies involved the upward push of the bladder, which can stimulate the bladder and cause frequent urination.At the same time, the enlarged uterus compress the bladder, making the bladder storage less than usual. Therefore, the number of urination times is frequent and the amount of each solution is less than usual.Especially when the end of pregnancy is close to 1-2 weeks before giving birth, the fetus first exposure (fetal head or fetal hip) has fallen into the pelvic cavity, further compressing the bladder, which reduces the accumulation of bladder accumulation, causing the frequency of urination to increase.In addition, due to the increase in the metabolites of the mother’s body after pregnancy, the baby’s metabolites should also be discharged by the mother, which greatly increases the workload of the kidney and increase the urine output.The reason for this is related to the mother’s kidney deficiency and the heat of the bladder; therefore, when the pregnancy is more, the workload of the kidneys will increase day by day.This is because the mother eats, holds, and clean the fetus during pregnancy. If the mother is weak, it may not be able to win.Of course, some pregnant women have less urine and pain because the sexual life of pregnant women is unknown, not paying attention to cleaning, and even infected.Or because you eat too much spicy and hot food, change your ecological environment to cause a large amount of bacteria to breed.

Countermeasures to prevent frequent urination of pregnant moms:

1. Usually supplement the water in an appropriate amount, but do not drink too much or drink water. It is best not to drink water within 1 to 2 hours before going to bed.

2. With urine, you should urinate in time. Do not urinate, because some people will affect the function of the bladder because of the long urine time, so that the urine can be left by themselves.Essence

3. Strengthen the exercise of muscle strength and do more perineal muscle contraction exercise.Not only can it shrink pelvic muscles to control urination, but it can also reduce the laceration of the birth canal during production.

4. Pay attention to keeping the outer pussy during pregnancy, and take a side lying position when sleeping.

5. Change the underwear daily and wash the vulva with warm water, at least 1 to 2 times.

6. Student life.

7. Strengthen nutrition and enhance physical fitness.

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