There are many taboos in diet during pregnancy. Don’t eat 3 common meals.

After a woman is pregnant, in order to ensure that the fetus can develop healthy, it will make very large adjustments, and will adjust their dietary habits, lifestyle habits, and so on.

Especially for diet taboos. If you eat the wrong food, it may affect the healthy development of the fetus, and it may cause problems such as fetal abortion and fetal malformations.

Therefore, many pregnant women may check on their mobile phones before eating, but many pregnant women may still make some mistakes.After pregnancy, for the development of the fetus, these 3 kinds of meals should be avoided, don’t eat it wrong!

There are many taboos during pregnancy, and 3 common meals should be taboo. For the fetus, keep your mouth

Do not eat leftovers and leftovers: Some people may need to raise tires at home after pregnancy, and others in the family may still need to go to work, so it is impossible to do it for pregnant women every meal, but the takeaway outside is very unhygienic.

Therefore, it is possible to make the food in advance for pregnant women, and then the pregnant woman will be hot when they want to eat.

In fact, during pregnancy, pregnant women cannot eat leftovers and leftovers, and many people have misunderstandings about leftovers and leftovers. It is not that the leftovers are leftovers and leftovers.The dishes, leftovers.

Because these leftover vegetables, especially some green leafy vegetables, have been placed for too long, it is likely to produce nitrite. After intake, there may be certain carcinogenicity, which can easily affect the healthy development of the fetus.

And some leftovers and leftovers may deteriorate. If pregnant women eat it, it is likely to have abdominal pain and diarrhea, and it will also affect the development of the fetus.

Do not eat barbecue food: summer is to eat barbecue and drink beer. Well, for most people, barbecue foods are very tempting, which is the same for pregnant women.

However, it is best not to eat barbecue foods for pregnant women, because barbecue foods are grilled in carbon. Once the scorching is grilled, it will produce a pupar.Middle fetal development.

Don’t eat cold and cold foods: hot weather is hot in summer, so many people like to eat cold cold food, especially after pregnancy, they are more afraid of heat, so they also like to eat these cold cold foods.

In fact, the fetus in the abdomen particularly hates raw cold and cold foods. Light may cause diarrhea and abdominal pain in pregnant women, and severe may cause fetal abortion.

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