There are methods for pregnant mothers to pass the winter, and this winter where warmth is over the cold wave

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In the late summer and early autumn, friends said that this year is the year of La Na, and the translation will be a very cold winter this year.

Now it will be on Double Eleven, and it has been performed into a shopping festival.There is a group of pregnant mothers around me. Everyone is choosing winter clothing crazy, and wants to give myself and the baby’s very warm winter.

I am also more afraid of cold, so I look forward to how good it is to "hibernate"!However, after all, longing can only be longing. The reality is that these days are really cold. Starting from heavy temperature on Sunday, it has dropped by nearly 10 degrees of temperature. In addition, the cold wind in the north winter, the pervasive Congyi clothes,Corner, pants, upper, etc. drill into the clothes, making people really don’t want to go out.

However, for pregnant mothers, as long as you know the method of scientific winter, this winter may not be so cold.

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After pregnancy, the lutein formed by women’s ovarian rises in large quantities, secreting progesterone, and a certain amount of progesterone will increase the temperature of the human body, so the body temperature of pregnant mothers will be higher.

Therefore, even if there is no heating at home, pregnant mothers should try not to rely on heating items such as electric heating blankets too much, and be careful to treat the body.

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Aside from the pregnancy that some pregnant mothers can’t overcome early pregnancy, most people, including pregnant mothers, will have a better appetite in winter.This is our body signing to us: so cold!Need to make up for it!

1. Early pregnancy: Guarantee nutrition

Most mothers in the early pregnancy are hard to escape pregnancy, so they may wish to eat and eat less to respond to the early pregnancy.

You do n’t have to force your favorite food. It ’s not so picky; folic acid must be added in time. This is one of the very important nutritional elements of the early stage of the baby.

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2. In the middle of pregnancy: nutritional equilibrium

Moms in the middle of pregnancy often have a sense of hunger. This is an increased progesterone during pregnancy, which affects two hormones that play an important role in hunger: lean protein and stomach hunger.

Therefore, pregnant mothers should maintain the habit of eating less, but for the nutrition of themselves and the baby, they need to add about 15%of the calories every day.

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3. Late pregnancy: control weight

As the mother’s position continues to rise, the mother in the late pregnancy began to compete with the gastrointestinal competition, which caused pregnant mothers to feel that she had a worse appetite, and often felt full of satiety or uncomfortable stomach.

Therefore, prepare some foods that are easy to digest and absorb, and pay attention to the increase in excessive weight control.Because winter is indeed very easy to accumulate fat seasons. For pregnant mothers in the third trimester, excessive weight gain will increase their own burden, and it will also affect the childbirth and health of the baby.

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In fact, the resistance of our body is constantly adjusted with the changes in the seasons.

It is cold in winter, but if you motion at home every day, it is a behavior that affects health and increase resistance.The indoor air itself is not fresh enough. Coupled with the power of heating, the indoor is always hot. Once you go out, you will increase the risk of colds and illness.

Therefore, the windows should be opened at least half an hour and half an hour in the afternoon every day.Let the indoor signs discharge, and the outdoor fresh air coming in is conducive to the physical and mental health of pregnant mothers.

In addition, there are necessary outdoor activities every day, especially when the sun is abundant, lack of sunlight during pregnancy will cause vitamin D deficiency, and even affect the baby’s brain development.Therefore, the sunny morning or noon, pregnant mothers must have appropriate outdoor walking time.

However, someone who goes out in the third trimester must be accompanied by someone!Try not to go out after rain and snow.

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I remember an article before that we are the most precious things, often the easiest and most easily ignored: air, water and sleep.

And sleep has become the most lacking thing in many modern people. It is more and more like "staying up late". It seems that they do not sleep in the middle of the night to fully belong to their own.

This idea and approach are not wrong. After all, it is not easy to put down the deliberate self -carving of the day during the day, so that it is not easy for yourself to have a space alone with the heart, but there is another fact that only if you sleep, the immunity can improve.If you have a good constitution, you can have good quality of survival.This is even more for pregnant mothers with weak constitution.

If you have a good rest, your body can be good, and you can also rest on the baby’s baby in the stomach on time. The rules of schedule will continue this good habit after birth.Therefore, staying up late is a thing that is not worthy for pregnant mothers.

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Winter science makes this winter no longer cold.

May the pregnant mother be in good health and a happy mood; the baby is growing healthy, coming like!

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