There are so many benefits for pregnant women to eat bird’s nest. Don’t wait for the baby to be born before you know

The expectant mother looked at the baby in her belly and grew up day by day. While feeling happy, some sweet troubles also followed. The pregnancy reactions, low immunity, and poor skin caused the expectant mother to have a headache.

Many pregnant women are weak. They choose to eat bird’s nest to nourish their bodies. Bird’s nest is flat and sweet, and has the effects of nourishing kidney nourishing blood, nourishing yin and nourishing qi.Because bird’s nest is rich in water -soluble protein, carbohydrate compounds, trace elements (calcium, phosphorus, iron, sodium, potassium), and amino acids that promote the vitality of the human body, they can fully supplement nutrition.Some pregnant women eat very little in the early stages of pregnancy and weakness, but as long as they eat a bowl of bird’s nest a day, they can supplement the nutrition required for a day.In addition, the epidermal growth factors contained in bird’s nest can effectively prevent stretch marks and alleviate the deterioration of the skin during pregnancy.

Pregnant women eat bird’s nest not only to have many benefits of their own health, but also promote the development of the fetal brain and make the baby healthier and smarter.During pregnancy, it is a critical period for the growth and development of the fetal nervous system and various organs. The bird’s nest acid contained in bird’s nest can provide nutrition for the fetal brain nerves and synapses, promote brain development and improve intelligence.The fetus itself cannot synthesize bird’s nest acid, and bird’s nest acid can only be synthesized in the mother, provided to the fetus growth and development by the placenta.

Among all natural foods, the content of bird’s nest acid in breast milk and bird’s nest is very high.Very helpful.While enjoying the delicious bird’s nest, pregnant women can meet the needs of the baby’s growth. It is really "one person eats, two people make up, the whole family is happy".

Pregnant women are specially needed to take care of them, so they have higher requirements for the nutrition and safety of bird’s nest products.Guan Feiyan is the founder of the Bird’s Nest in the Chinese Bird Nest Industry. Each bird’s nest is from the primitive dense forests of Indonesia. There are their own bird’s nest factories and swallow houses in Indonesia.High -nutrition, pure natural, and non -added bird’s nests make nourishment more convenient and peace of mind, and escort women’s health.

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