There is a big aunt, but you can’t be pregnant, you may have encountered "false menstruation"

Speaking of "Auntie", it is definitely a topic that makes many women love and hate.Come on, there are more troubles; it doesn’t come, more troubles; it’s messy, trouble, that is, more.

Xiaojuan, 27, has been married for 4 years and has been preparing for pregnancy.I went to the hospital for examination, and I did not find that any reproductive organs or the whole body had a quality lesion, and the husband’s fertility indicators were normal.

After further inspection, I found out that although "Auntie" came to visit Xiaojuan every month, the ovaries did not have any ovulation. Xiaojuan was finally diagnosed with ovulation -free dysfunction menstruation.

Isn’t menstruation closely related to ovulation?Why does the ovulation -free menstruation appear?

As the name suggests, the menstrual disorders of ovulation -free function refer to abnormal menstruation caused by the disorders caused by the normal activity of the reproductive system, not an ovulation -free disease caused by reproductive or other organ lesions.

This is a common gynecological disease, mostly on adolescence and menopause women, with an incidence of about 80%.

So, what are the common manifestations of ovulation -free dysfunction?

Normal ovulation menstruation is the adjustment of ovulation ovulation and estrogen hormones under the adjustment of various nerve tissues that dominate the normal movement of the reproductive system.The regularity.

The disorders of ovulation -free dysfunction Menstruation Due to nerve endocrine dysfunction, the menstrual often manifested as cyclical disorders, different menstrual periods, and long menstruation.

If you have this disease, it may cause the following consequences:

Pelvic infection: Long -term menstrual period is too long, creating opportunities for bacteria and viruses to attack, which can easily cause symptoms such as pelvic infection, abdominal pain, leucorrhea abnormalities.

Secondary anemia: long -term menstrual period and excessive amount can cause to varying degrees of anemia. Some patients with severe disorders may also cause severe anemia.

Endometrial lesions: For long -term ovulation, the endometrium will be in a hyperplasia.Once the hyperplasia changes, it can also cause cancer.

Infertility: Patients with functional disorders have the most typical adverse consequences because they have no ovulation.In addition, pelvic infections and endometrial lesions are also important factor in infertility.

The causes of ovulation -free dysfunction of menstruation include mental tension, malnutrition, chronic diseases, irregular diet, alcoholism and other adverse hobbies or other drug effects.

In addition, adolescent women have not stabilized their periodic regulatory mechanisms due to poor ovarian functional development.For women with a menstrual transition period, ovarian function continues to decline, causing irregular ovulation or not ovulation.

Of course, how do you care about this disease most?Whether it can be cured.

First, I eat a reassurance. This disease goes to a regular hospital in time. After regular treatment, most of them can be cured.

According to different situations, treatment methods can be divided into three types: general treatment, drug treatment and surgical treatment.

General treatment: timely supplement nutrition, avoid tiredness and severe exercise, and ensure rest.

Drug treatment: Drugs are the best treatment for this disease, often using estrogen and sex hormones.Women in adolescence or pregnancy are mainly based on adjusting the menstrual cycle and promoting ovulation; the menopause transition period is to adjust the cycle and prevent endometrial lesions as the main treatment principles.

Surgical treatment: women who are suitable for menopause during the bleeding amount and no need for breeding needs, or women with other lesions.

Human physiology is a process of continuous development and change. It needs to be treated correctly. Once any discomfort occurs, remember not to taboo diseases and doctors, let alone be sick.Through regular hospitals, actively cooperate with treatment to ensure the healthy recovery of the body as soon as possible.

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