There is a kind of "helpless fat" called pregnant women, and a group of pregnancy photos tell you how much change will change after pregnancy.

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Breeding a life, although it will make the mother feel very happy and happy.However, the pain in the pregnancy can also make women particularly suffocate.

Especially the pregnancy response after pregnancy, the shape of the body.This is the case for ordinary people, not to mention many stars who eat on their faces in the entertainment industry?But for children, many mothers are willing to get fat.

Actors who have always been known for their body management and beauty management, in order to ensure the baby’s nutrition and health during pregnancy, the figure has also changed a lot.

During the pregnancy, the face contours were almost round when the outline of the face was round, but it didn’t take long after the production, and it quickly recovered the figure.Among them, the efforts may only be known to you, after all, exercise needs to be sweaty.

In addition, Huo Siyan was bloated when she was pregnant, and her double chin was very obvious, but after the production was completed, she also quickly recovered postpartum body recovery and returned to its previous appearance.

Including Xie Yilin when participating in variety shows, because of pregnancy, she was so fat that she had no waistline at all.The naked eye is also seen.

After pregnancy, you will become fat, which should be a common phenomenon of most women (of course, it is also related to physical fitness, dietary habits, etc. Some pregnant women do not lose their stomachs without fat and other).

It is not easy to recover your body quickly after giving birth, so after seeing some of the children in the entertainment industry, we will feel so incredible.

From these examples, it can be seen that mother love is very great.Even if you love beauty before giving birth, you will be willing to gain weight for your baby after pregnancy.

1. Lack of exercise.

One of the biggest changes in the body after pregnancy is that it is easy to tired, lazy, and lethargy. Most of the day staying in bed.

Coupled with the problem of being worried about your own movements and abortion. Therefore, when you are pregnant, pregnant women will choose to lie down or sit, and the long -term fat accumulation will be prone to gain weight.

2. Supplement too much nutrition.

Girls during pregnancy eat two people to make up for two people. In order to ensure their health and ensure their child’s nutrition absorption, they will add a lot of nutrition.

However, these nutrients can be absorbed by babies very little. Most of them have run into the mother’s body, and it is easy to cause fat accumulation over a long time.

3. Change of body hormones.

After pregnancy, women’s body hormone secretion can also cause some changes, estrogen increases, androgen will decrease.At this time, the hips, breasts, thighs and other parts are prone to accumulation edema of fat.

Women will gain weight after pregnancy, which is normal, but if the weight is too fat, it will also be not conducive to the health of the mother and the health of the fetus.

After pregnancy, normal weight will grow to about 25 pounds. According to the different stages of pregnant women’s pregnancy, their weight growth state is also different.

During the first three months, it is best to keep it in a state of not gaining weight. The total time is about 20 to 30 pounds, which is normal.

After pregnancy, you will gain weight, which is a thing that most girls cannot avoid.But don’t think that the more weight gain, the healthier the child is, but to learn to control your weight, because excessive overweight may have difficulty in giving birth, and it is easy to adversely affect the health of pregnant women.

So do you think you feel that your body changes obviously from prenatal to production?Welcome to leave a message in the comment area below!(Com with the figures derived from the Internet, invading and deleting)

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