There is nothing to do, the ovulation period can be measured by your fingers

Many wedding couples want to have a child as soon as possible. In fact, it is not difficult to ask for children. As long as the female ovulation is ovulation, the chance of pregnancy can be increased.So how to judge whether you are in the ovulation period?Many women use ovulation test strips to combine their body temperature to calculate whether they are ovulation.But this is not very accurate.Then try the following method and use your fingers.

Ovarian position determination

Before that, we need to know where the ovaries are.The ovary is three inches below our navel.Except for the length of the four fingers of the thumb, just open two inches along the middle of the navel.

When to start calculation

After menstruation, starting from the eighth day, the index finger feels on the ovarian position.Don’t feel too worried. At this time, the follicles have just developed and they are not mature.Some people are sensitive and feel on it.This feeling is like our Chinese medicine diagnosis.Every day, no matter what time, as long as you want to touch it, you feel different every day.If one day, you feel that your index finger seems to be pressed on a bulging, which means that your eggs are mature (usually about two weeks after menstruation).At this time, you can be in the same room with your husband, every other day until the index finger does not feel that kind of power (about three times in the same room).The next step is to wait patiently.Hope to have a good pregnancy.

Egg excretion feeling

1. Pain in the abdomen

Egg excretion needs to break the foam. The liquid in the foam will stay to the lowest position along the pelvic cavity. Many people’s lower abdomen will be mainly due to a small amount of vaginal bleeding, but it usually only has a few hours.

2. Increase vaginal secretion (leucorrhea)

The closer the ovulation period, the more leucorrhea, the general white white, the ovarian secretion is increased, and it is as transparent as water. At this time, the vagina will feel slippery and mucus like an egg white.

3. Uterine bleeding

Ovulation is not the only function of the ovaries, and endocrine hormone secretion is also the ovarian.Due to the stimulation of estrogen before ovulation, there will be a small amount of bleeding in the uterus. We are called ovulation bleeding.

4. High body temperature, breast tenderness

Many women have a slightly higher temperature or breast pain during ovulation, and sometimes breast bloating and pain are very obvious.

What are the causes of no ovulation

1. Premature ovarian failure: Women have menstruation before the age of 40, so he has premature ovarian failure, and the follicles cannot develop without ovulation.

2. Polycystic ovary: There are also specific reasons for this disease. Although it can be formed by follicles, it cannot be mature and needs to rely on drug stimulation.

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