These 5 symptoms appear in the body, it may be pregnant, but don’t take it lightly

Women have some changes in their bodies after pregnancy, and they can determine whether they are pregnant through the signal sent by the body.Women in early pregnancy will have symptoms of menopause.During pregnancy, the weight will change, each person’s constitution is different, and the physical symptoms that appear are different, so you need to understand it.

What are the symptoms of the body that may be pregnant?

1. After women are pregnant, their breasts will swell and become softer.Under normal circumstances, one or two weeks after women conceive, breasts will be larger than usual, and their softness will increase.Affected by hormones in the body, pregnant women will produce more progesterone and estrogen. These hormones have a promotion effect on the growth of breast gland, so women’s breasts begin to become larger.

2. Women have symptoms of nausea and vomiting, which may be a signal of pregnancy.Generally, in the fifth week after pregnancy, many pregnant women are beginning to have symptoms of pregnancy.Of course, whether pregnancy is related to the personal constitution of women, some women are very strong in pregnancy, and some women are very mild.After pregnancy, the velvet gonad hormone in women will increase, so women can easily feel nauseous nausea, which will cause pregnancy symptoms.

3. If the vagina of women has mild bleeding symptoms, it may be a manifestation of pregnancy.Because the fertilized eggs will be bed in the uterus of women around a week after conception, the vagina of women will bleed slightly at this time.If women have symptoms of physical discomfort, they do not need to be too nervous. This is a common physiological reaction of fertilized eggs in bed and will not affect health.Generally speaking, bleeding caused by fertilized eggs may last for three days.

4. After women are pregnant, because the bladder is oppressed by the increasingly expanding uterus, frequent urination occurs.In the third trimester, this symptom may be more serious.However, after the size of the uterus exceeds the pelvic cavity, the stimulation of the uterus to the bladder will also be reduced, and the frequent urination symptoms will also be relieved.

5. If women often feel weak and weak, they may be caused by pregnancy.In the early stages of pregnancy, women will secrete special substances. This substance acts on the uterus, which will make the muscle fiber of the uterus loose, and women will feel more weak.In addition, after pregnancy, women are affected by progesterone, the frequency of heartbeat increases, and the body is prone to fatigue.

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