These 5 types of pregnant women are susceptible to diabetes!Discovery is not timely, there are serious risks such as abortion and other serious risks

Shuhui has been married for many years, and has finally worked with her husband and has successfully conceived her baby.I have gestational diabetes!

"Gestational Diabetes" means that there is no history of diabetes before pregnancy, but there is a high blood sugar during pregnancy. The main reason is that the hormones produced by the placenta during pregnancy will reduce the sensitivity of the body to insulin.The body can adapt through more insulin, but some people will develop into gestational diabetes due to physical factors.

Diabetic pregnancy abortion disease

Its incidence is about 2 to 7 %, which will increase with age.If pregnant women have polycystic ovarian syndrome, diabetic family history, women older than 35 years old, those who are obese or smoking themselves, are particularly prone to gestational diabetes, but most patients with gestational diabetes do not have the above risk factors, soDuring the birth check, it is requested that each pregnant woman should perform sugar water testing for gestational diabetes?

Traditional screening: During the 24 to 28 weeks of pregnancy, oral 50 grams of glucose water was tested. After drinking sugar water for an hour, blood sugar value exceeded 140 mg/dl.In the case of the second screening, in the case of an empty stomach, drink blood first, then drink 100 grams of glucose water, and take blood one, two or three hours after drinking sugar water, these four blood glucose screeningIn the values, if there are two or more than the standard value, you can be diagnosed as gestational diabetes.

Diabetic pregnancy abortion disease

New screening: After 6 to 8 hours of an empty stomach, make the first blood draw, and drink 75 grams of glucose water after blood draw.Blood can be diagnosed with gestational diabetes if it exceeds the standard value.

Mild gestational diabetes itself does not have special symptoms, because after pregnancy, the fetus hopes to get nutrients from the mother, and the placenta will produce a hormonal, so that the blood sugar in the mother in the pregnancy can be higher, so that the fetus can get moreMore nutrition can be regarded as a natural mechanism.

Diabetic pregnancy abortion disease

However, long -term high blood sugar is too high, but it will have a bad impact on the mother and fetus.Pediatric jaundice and medium problems of fetal death.Severe hyperglycemia will also produce symptoms such as eating too much, more drinking, urine, and weight loss. Without treatment, it is more likely to further produce ketone poisoning and endanger the life of the mother and the fetus.

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