These five places are called "forbidden land" for pregnant women. It is best not to go after pregnancy. It really hurts!

Pregnancy is a major event in a woman’s life. There is a special nature of pregnancy. After having a baby, there are many places that expectant mothers need to pay attention.For example, in the next few places, for the sake of yourself and your baby, do not go after pregnancy.

The onlookers will definitely say why they can’t even go after pregnancy?Will watching a movie affect the child?At first glance, the person who said this did not have a child. It is normal for pregnant women to urinate frequently. People without this experience will not understand. Besides, the cinema is blind.What to do if you touch it.

For mothers in the early stages of pregnancy, children in the stomach are most afraid of heat, because the baby at this time is in a critical period of sensitive differentiation. Too many heat will easily cause problems and cause the baby to malformation.

I believe that mothers who have been to underground malls during pregnancy have this feeling that they will feel dizzy, chest tightness, panic, and even vomiting after shopping. This is because the air in underground malls does not circulate.Underground malls are usually excessive carbon dioxide, which is very bad for the development of the baby in the mother’s belly.

Don’t go to the landscape with many people during pregnancy, especially during the holidays, it is just crowded. In case you squeeze you out, there are so many people to hurt you with one of them hurt you.No one can find it. The most important thing is that the irreparable consequences are not good.

This is also a typical place where air is not circulating, and there are many exhaust gas emission emitted by the garage in the garage. If the pregnant mother who is pregnant is exposed to a lot, it will make the baby’s brain poor.have witnessed.

I believe that everyone in all places also found that one thing in common is that the air does not circulate, so pregnant mothers should walk more during pregnancy, but they must be in a place where the air is good.good.

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