These four subtle changes appear after preparing for pregnancy. Congratulations to you to get the bed in the bed, ready to be a mother.

Speaking of pregnancy, I believe that many women will have an unusually arduous feeling, especially for women who are urgently prepared for several years. In the process of preparing for pregnancy, all articles about pregnancy will not help but order.I really want to be crazy.Xiao Gao has been preparing for two years since he decided to start with her husband’s baby, and his stomach has not improved. It is normal for all aspects to go to the hospital for examination.I imagined that I might be successful, but the final result is still endless. When Xiao Gao wants to give up, the time in the previous period, Xiao Gao always feels that his body has a very wonderful feeling, and it will always feel tired.After buying a pregnancy test paper, I did not expect that the two -year -old plan plan finally succeeded.

In fact, pregnant mothers who are preparing for pregnancy are really not too anxious about pregnancy, and don’t be too anxious. The baby should always come. If the pregnant mothers find that there are several subtle changes during the pregnancy preparation stage, then congratulationsYou, the fertilized eggs in your belly have successfully bed, ready to be a mother:

1. Symptoms of nausea and vomiting

Under normal circumstances, most women have symptoms of nausea and vomiting after pregnancy. At first, many women may think that it is just a stomach discomfort that is not suitable for some foods, but if this symptoms continue for a longer timeAnd whether there will be symptoms of vomiting and nausea at night during the day or at night, congratulations to you. This is the manifestation of fertilized eggs in bed, ready to be a mother.

2. Changes in breasts and areola

If women find their breasts in the stage of pregnancy, they have continuous pain, and at the same time are soft, and at the time of examination, they find that the color of their areola is deeper than usual or pink or cyan lines on the breast. ThisSymptoms are generally discovered before and after conception. At this time, pregnant mothers can buy test strips to detect, because these are basically symptoms of pregnancy.

3. Frequent urination, want to go to the toilet after three differences

If you find that you will always have an impulse to go to the toilet during the pregnancy stage, then you can prepare related examinations during pregnancy. This is because after pregnancy, the woman’s uterus will make room for the growth of the baby.As a result, the uterus continues to become larger, and then it is oppressed to the bladder, and after the fertilized eggs are usually bed in the uterine wall, the female body will begin to secrete villous gonades.Do not worry too much about pregnant mothers with symptoms.

4. I always feel exhausted

Suddenly a period of time, you will find that you are not as good as the previous mental state, you are always easy to feel sleepy, and you always have no strength to walk. Many women will think that when they encounter this symptom, they may think that they may be sick.It is not, this is because after conception, a large amount of lutein will secrete in the body, which will cause you to exhaust your exhaustion. So if you have a delay in menstruation, you have a tired feeling. CongratulationsJust get pregnant.

In fact, preparing for pregnancy is a rare experience for each pregnant mother. Not only is the sweet and bitterness in the process, but also the most important thing is to learn the signal of the little angel. So what signs do you have before pregnancy?Finally, I wish every woman who is still in the pregnancy period can be pregnant.

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