These parts of the dog cannot be touched, otherwise it may be bitten

Most dogs are friendly and docile, but if we accidentally touch their sensitive parts, they may feel uncomfortable or scared, and have the possibility of biting people.

These parts of the dog cannot be touched, otherwise it may be bitten!

The dog’s face is one of its most sensitive parts.Especially strangers or unfamiliar people touch the dog’s face, which may cause their alertness and anxiety.

Unless you have a solid relationship with your dog and gain its trust, it is best to avoid touching the dog’s face directly.

The dog’s ears are also one of the sensitive areas.For some dogs, especially when they have ears or pain, touching the ears may cause discomfort or pain.If you find that the dog’s ears are wrong, it is best to let the veterinarian check and deal with it.

Dogs’ tails can express their emotions and wishes.If a dog is unwilling to be touched or holding the tail, it may feel uneasy or scared.Tail is an important communication tool for dogs, and we should respect their willingness to express.

The top of the dog’s head is one of the sensitive areas.Touching the top of the head directly may cause the dog’s discomfort or alert.Although some dogs allow intimate people to touch their heads, we should be careful and respect the dog’s personal space.

The dog’s feet and paws are sensitive parts, especially when the dog is not adaptive.For some dogs, touching feet and paws may cause discomfort or fear.

If you want to improve the trust of the dog, the pet owner can play more with the dog and train your dog to shake hands, which helps the dog to familiarize yourself with you. The dog is used to being touched by you, and naturally will not resist you.

Training dogs shake hands, pet owners can use snacks for assistance, dogs will cooperate more with you.

Most dogs are disturbed by touching strangers or unfamiliar people.The abdomen is a sensitive area of a dog, and touch or touch may make them feel uncomfortable or defensive.Dogs usually only allow abdominal touch with their intimate people or owners.

In addition, when the dog is indigestion, the pet owner rubbing the dog’s belly more can promote the digestion of the dog.Pay attention to diet is lighter. Choose a digestible dog food as the main food, which can care for the dog’s gastrointestinal health.You can refer to this one!

Conclusion: Which part of your dog does not like to be touched?

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