These signs appear, indicating that you may be pregnant

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Obstetrics and gynecology is a department that is often full of dramatic and always helpless. Here is a farce almost every other time.Therefore, if you write the experience of each obstetrician and gynecologist as a book, it will definitely be extremely exciting.

So far, the career of the demon tower is also very exciting. It may be due to some buff (the demon tower never plays the game, you don’t want to crooce), the demon tower can always encounter some strange cases, andThe most sigh of sighing is that the young girl in the minor flower season sees red because of "unknown reasons" and abdominal pain. After coming to the hospital, she was sent directly into the delivery room.After getting up a healthy baby, I knew that I was pregnant, but I couldn’t raise it for various reasons, and I could only give away.

There are many cases of such cases. Aside from whether the ending is legal, I do n’t know who is minor, unmarried first, and may not know who the child and father are … These are not small problems. For any family of both men and women,Although "hi fell from the sky", he couldn’t smile.For this child, it is the most unfair. He did not make mistakes, but he encountered such a situation, which inevitably made people sigh.

As a obstetrician and gynecologist, although the monster tower always urges you to be strict in the words, no matter what the demon tower says, the spark of passion is always difficult to control.Therefore, today’s demon tower is here to talk to you, which symptoms may mean that you are pregnant.

Discontinue menstruation

There is no doubt that this is the main sign of pregnancy. Once conceived, progesterone will remain at a certain level. Without the decline of estrogen hormones, menstruation will naturally not come to a tide.

For female friends with a regular menstrual cycle, most people, if the aunt is absent, will first doubt whether she is pregnant.However, for some female friends with irregular menstruation (such as polycystic ovary syndrome), it is often when you think it is impossible, and the "beautiful" thing is quiet … like the small paste egg mentioned at the beginning of the articleFor we, the demon tower can only be said that the popularization of physiological and hygiene knowledge is not in place. As a popular science author, we still have a long way to go.

Here is one more mouthful of the demon tower. If the menstruation is very different from usual this time. Although it is also visited at the agreed time, the amount of bleeding, the number of bleeding days, the color of bleeding, and the feeling of bleeding are different from time to time.Also vigilant, it may be pregnant.

Increased body temperature

If menstruation is regular, generally speaking, the body temperature of the entire menstrual cycle will show a double -phase graphic.This is because women will increase their physical temperature about 0.5 ° C when ovulation and maintain it for a period of time. If there is no conception, the body temperature will drop to daily.We call this graphic as a double -phase body temperature.Interested children’s boots can be measured at home (at the same time, this is also a simple, economic method of monitoring ovulation -the first thing to open the eyes after the morning is to measure the basal body temperature and record it).

If you conceive, the body temperature will continue on the basis of elevation, so the performance of some early pregnancy reactions is to continue low fever.

Therefore, the monster tower recommends that you are preparing for pregnancy. If you have similar symptoms, you can physical cooling first, such as drinking plenty of water and rubbing the bath. Then test to see if you are pregnant.Pregnancy and tangled.

Digestive system symptoms

Studies have shown that early pregnancy reactions such as nausea and vomiting during early pregnancy may be caused by the increase in HCG and free thyroid hormones in the body.Therefore, after we exclude the nausea and vomiting caused by other reasons, we should also suspect that we are "happy".For early pregnancy reactions, it usually occurs 10 weeks ago. When HCG and free thyroid hormone levels decrease, they can often be relieved, but it does vary from person to person.

Due to many factors such as decreased gastric secretion, delayed gastric emptying, and slow bowel movement during pregnancy, in addition to common nausea, vomiting and other symptoms, there may be various digestive system symptoms such as loss of appetite, greasy greasy, abdominal distension, and constipation during pregnancy.If you can’t explain your current gastrointestinal symptoms, consider that pregnancy is a very correct choice!


A large amount of estrogen in women during pregnancy will stimulate the development of mammary glands, and a large number of progesterone will simultaneously stimulate the development of bubbles.Therefore, during the early pregnancy, breasts will increase and congestion. During the early pregnancy, it may feel that breast bloating, nipples become black, deepening of areola, and scattered skin sebaceous glands around the areola.Some women even have a small amount of lactation.

Therefore, if the feeling of "breast enhancement" suddenly appears, don’t easily think that it is again a rejuvenation, which may be a manifestation of early pregnancy.

Frequent urine

When pregnant, the kidneys will increase slightly, and the blood flow of the kidney and the glomerular filtration rate will increase. The popular explanation is that the urine output will increase.Coupled with the increase in uterus during early pregnancy, the bladder will be compressed, so there will be symptoms of frequent urination.Generally speaking, when the uterus increases to a certain degree and exceeds the pelvic cavity, the symptoms of compression will be relieved.

Despite the symptoms of frequent urination, most of them are not because of pregnancy. The regular consultation process should be the first urine test to exclude urinary infections.Therefore, when there is frequent urination for no reason, you can first drink a lot of water and wash the urethra. If it cannot be relieved, please go to the doctor in time.

Changes in the skin

Increasing the secretion of adrenal corticosteroids and estrogen during pregnancy will cause increased glucocortol, aldosterone, and testosterone.A bunch of hormone names are tangled. It is difficult to explain the principle of one or two sentences. What you need to understand is that the increase in these hormones will cause some expectant mothers to increase the pubic hair and the number of armpit hair.The "vision" with acne.

There is a hormone called "promoting melanocyte stimulating hormones" during pregnancy. In addition, the help of a large amount of estrogen hormone will increase the melanin in the bodyPoinage appears in the skin.

For the above skin changes, you don’t have to worry too much. Often, after the postpartum hormone level decreases, it can return to normal.

The above is some of the possible symptoms that may occur during the early pregnancy that the demon tower summarized. It is common but not absolute. Instead of reading and reciting the full text, it is better to adopt efficient, full and reasonable contraceptive methods.Remember -in vitro ejaculation, safety contraception, etc. are extremely unreliable contraceptive methods!In order to avoid damage to you, it is recommended that you do not choose.


If you are preparing for pregnancy, please be careful and actively prepare for pregnancy.

If you don’t want to get pregnant, please be serious and active.

Okay, here is here.

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