These three signals indicate that the fetus enters the long run, so don’t miss it.

We all know that pregnancy is a very difficult thing. From the moment the pregnant mother is conceived, to the fetus to the ground, it will take ten months. The ten months are lucky and sad for pregnant mothers.It is because this is the only time when the baby is closely connected with the mother. It is really difficult to say that there are some symptoms of pregnancy for pregnant mothers.However, as a qualified pregnant mother, we must understand every growth process of the fetus. Only in this way can we deal with it in time and make the fetus develop better.

Today, let’s talk about it. During pregnancy, when the pregnant mother has these three feelings, it means that the fetus is going to grow.After receiving this signal, the pregnant mother must supplement nutrition in time to make the baby’s baby grow and develop better.

1. Easy to urinate frequently

Many pregnant mothers have frequent symptoms of urine during pregnancy. This is because during pregnancy, the uterus of the pregnant mother gradually increases, and the fetal head continues to decline.I feel like I want to go to the toilet.This situation actually shows that the fetus is in the long run, so the pregnant mother does not have to worry about it at all.

It is worth mentioning that many pregnant mothers will reduce drinking water because they are afraid of going to the toilet, but in fact, this is very bad, because the pregnant mother’s water intake will not only affect their blood circulation, slow down metabolism, and it will be easyConstipation may also lead to a decrease in the amount of amniotic fluid in the fetus and threaten the health of the fetus.Therefore, you should drink water during pregnancy. If the pregnant mother thinks that there are too many times to go to the toilet, or occasionally leakage, you may wish to use adult diaper.

2. I can’t feel angry when I often move

Many pregnant mothers will find a problem when they get in the middle of pregnancy, that is, they feel unable to breathe a little bit. In fact, pregnant mothers need to worry about whether this is something wrong with them or the fetus.It means that the fetus is in the long run.Because the volume of the fetus during this period increased a lot, making the pregnant mother feel strenuous, and the pregnant mother’s uterine bottom also began to rise, compressed to the lungs, so it was easy for the pregnant mother to feel unwilling.For the healthy development of the fetus, the pregnant mother can add more nutrition, such as bird’s nest, milk powder and other things.

3, easy back pain

In the late pregnancy, most pregnant mothers will feel back pain.This is because as the fetus continues to grow, the pregnant mother’s body burden is heavier, and all kinds of discomfort become more obvious. This is also the signal of the fetus.However, it should be noted that in addition to supplementing nutrition, pregnant mothers at this stage must also maintain sufficient rest time, and you can prepare a pregnant woman’s pillow to make you sleep more comfortably.

There are three cases of pregnant mothers, which shows that the fetus has entered a long -term. Pregnant mothers should pay attention to supplementing nutrition to the fetus in time.

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