Think about it every day, decrypt the mystery in the dream of pregnancy during pregnancy

Almost every expectant mother had a baby dream during pregnancy. When it comes to the birth of the fetus, people will think of various legends in ancient people. They are full of fantasy, and most of them are accompanied by the birth of the historical celebrities or the emperor’s sages.For example, Liu Bang’s mother dreamed of lying on the dragon when she was pregnant, so she gave birth to the famous Han Gaozu Liu Bang, which sounds very good.Is it really so amazing?Xiaobian will dream of a bowl of crayfish, it seems purely the nature of food!Some people question the credibility of these fetal dreams like Xiaobian, and some people are convinced that what is the birthday of expectant mothers?

Fetal dream is a normal physiological phenomenon during pregnancy

Speaking of fetal dreams, let’s briefly understand the "dream". Dreams are actually the result of the common operation of people’s physical and mental functions. Scientists believe that what people experience in daily life will reflect the brain.When people sleep at night, it forms a projection in their brains, which is what we often say "thinking about the day and dreams at night."

The fetal dream made by expectant mothers during pregnancy is caused by hormone secretion during pregnancy after pregnancy. Everything that dreams about the birth of the baby is a normal dreaming phenomenon, which cannot be foreshadowed.The prospective mothers who have a bad baby dream should not have an excessive psychological burden, otherwise emotional anxiety will affect fetal development.

Can the baby dream predict the baby in the belly?

The mysterious fetal dream is unpredictable. The prospective mothers are most interested in listening to the folk statement. I feel that the baby dream can predict the baby’s gender, future, etc., and some expectant mothers really predict the baby’s gender from the fetal dream.For example, if you dream of dragons, tigers and other animals are generally considered to be a male baby, dreaming of carp, flowers, etc. are considered to have a girl.There is no scientific basis to predict the baby in the belly by fetal dreams.The gender of the previous editor ’s Faculty was determined by the father’s sperm chromosome, which has nothing to do with the fetal dream.As for whether the baby becomes "dragon and phoenix in the man" in the future, it needs parents to devote the effort to cultivate education. It is not true that the dream of the fetus is really "purple star".

How do pregnant mothers treat fetal dreams?

The hormonal secretion of pregnant mothers changes during pregnancy, especially the surge in progesterone and estrogen, excitement, fear, and stress are one of the reasons for those weird dreams.Some expectant mothers often wake up at night and can clearly remember the vivid pictures in their dreams.It is normal for expectant mothers to have a variety of psychological pressure or ideological burden during pregnancy.For example: Is it a boy or a girl? Is the fetus healthy?Will there be abnormal development or deformity.

Various mental depression or psychological disorders cause insomnia, dreams and even nightmares.They all represent a kind of emotion and anxiety that is about to come by the change of your body and the little life in his body.The emotions of expectant mothers are released in the dream, and expectant mothers can treat these dreams as a way to solve anxiety subconsciously.

But just like scientists have a natural phenomenon that cannot be explained, there is a well -known effect in psychology called "Pama Long Effect", which is also known as the "expectation effect". People will unconsciously accept their favorite, admiration, trust, and worship.Human influence and hints, when facing a thing, what kind of psychological expectations do you apply often will often harvest the results of the same schedule.So we Chinese have a good blessing to others, and we have a "dream come true"!This effect allows us to better understand and face the upcoming things with a positive attitude, and we will move closer to active aspects in action, and naturally we also have a more positive result!

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