This kind of fruit is right, but don’t give your children too much!

Litchi is full, sweet and delicious, full and rosy shell, condensed flesh like jade … children who like lychee have a blessing!

Although litchi fruit is crispy and sweet, "one litchi and three fires" are not eaten right, it is easy to develop "litchi disease"!Such cases have occurred in recent years ↓↓↓

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What is "litchi disease"?

"Litchi disease" means that after eating a large number of fresh lychee, dizziness, sweating, pale complexion, fatigue, panic, thirst, hunger and other symptoms may occur. In severe cases, there may be cold limbs, lower blood pressure, even convulsions and sudden coma.symptom.

There are two main reasons for "litchi disease":

枝 On the one hand, because lychee contains more fructose, and fructose is transformed into the metabolic process of glucose or synthetic sugar in the body, a series of enzymes are required to transform and transform.

If you consume too much fructose at a time, it is too late to provide sufficient conversion enzymes. There is a large amount of fruit sugar in the blood, which will stimulate the islet β cells to quickly release a large amount of insulin to reduce blood sugar.

枝 On the other hand, lychee contains two "toxins", namely glycine A (blood glucose A) and nailobeyl glycine. They will interfere with the human body to generate glucose and inhibit fatty acid metabolism, which will lead to further reduction of blood sugar reduction.Essence

Litchi diseases are mostly in children. After eating a lot of lychee, because litchi contains more glucose, sucrose and fructose, eating too much at one time will stimulate the human body to produce a large amount of insulin in a short time and reduce blood sugar concentration.Children’s ability to activate insulin is not enough due to insufficient self -regulating ability in the body, so it is more likely to develop hypoglycemia.

Symptoms, how to first aid?

If you eat lychee, there are symptoms of hypoglycemia. In the case of severe symptoms such as convulsions and coma, you can first ease the symptoms of candy, honey, white sugar, biscuits and other foods.

However, it should be noted that sweet beverages, milk, ice cream, chocolate, etc. with fructose syrup are not good. It is not recommended for first aid.

In addition, if there are more severe symptoms, such as convulsions, unclear consciousness, etc., it is recommended to directly call the emergency phone to send it to the hospital. Do not feed food or water without authorization to avoid suffocation.

How to eat litchi safely?

Can’t you eat lychee?Of course you can eat it!Litchi is a good thing, with a lot of moisture and is rich in vitamin C.

As long as parents guarantee that their children do not eat empty, lychee can still give their children, but pay attention to the time and quantity of lychee.

First of all: it is important to eat correctly!

续 Do not eat litchi on an empty stomach, eat litchi in a large number, and eat it half an hour after meals.

荔 To eat mature lychee, mature lychee toxin content is low.

泡 Soak the litchi leather in the salt water to decompose lycheic acid, and then put it in the refrigerator.

In addition: Due to the high sugar content of lychee, it may cause ↓↓↓

枝 Children eat too much lychee, easy to dry and dry, swelling throats, and even ulcers.

枝 Children eat too much lychee, which is easy to have a sense of satiety and affect dinner intake.

Except litchi

What other fruits can’t be eaten on an empty stomach?

Let’s understand

Although litchi is delicious

But eating too much will cause "litchi disease"

To avoid adverse effects on the body

To remind your child to control your mouth

Avoid empty stomach and excessive consumption

If you accidentally appear related symptoms

Be sure to seek medical treatment in time

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