This photo reminds me of her favorite her

At this time, it should be the best time for women, but the best time she spends on me.

——Liao onion readers xh

In our growth process, our mother’s unconditional support and care of us gave us the courage to explore the world; and when we grew up, our understanding and care of our mother also gave our mother’s confidence in life.

May is a unrequited month, without graduation season.The day before Mother’s Day, we made a solicitation and asked you to take a photo of your mother and you, or the most beautiful photo you think your mother.We have received a lot of stories.Seeing these photos, the first reaction is to sigh: there are many forms of expressing love.

The story in these photos is like a key, and it opens a door: the people in the photo are not just our mother -they are more complicated than the word "mother".

Today, we review these photos together and feel those moments.

The young mother hidden in the old photo

@Natural Volume Little Prince

This photo should be taken before my mother got married.My mother got married at the age of 26, and was a very old -fashioned woman at the time.Grandma often scolded my mother at that time: "What do you want to choose? Don’t look at yourself, you are fat!" I am 30 years old this year, but my mother will have nightmares until now, dreaming of being being my grandmotherScolding, and the anxious mood at the time.

Even she still has some anxiety, and sometimes she will ask me, is she very fat?Is it very short?I told her every time: no matter whether it is tall and thin, it has not affected your beauty.In fact, I really think her round face and fleshy arm are really beautiful.I never think that thin girls are beautiful.As long as they are healthy and confident, girls have their own beauty, and they should not be PUA’s own appearance, and there is no need to be anxious for this.

@ @ @

When her mother took this photo, she was about 30 years old. Her tall and slim figure, her beautiful face, and wearing a dad’s suit that she bought from Guangzhou was very elegant.In the era without PS and beauty, it was really natural.Bless my dear mother, always healthy and happy!


This is a photo of my mother when working in Guangdong in the 1990s. At that time, I was working.She and that era were in the golden age of each other.She was harvested in the times throughout her life, and the times also harvested her life.I wrote a poem to my mother, and I wish her a happy holiday!

The back basket on the shoulders, the stove box, my shouts and panic, and the fragrance of the meal is floating in the stove room.

The big river in front of the door, the cattle and sheep in the circle, saw me naughty, but you twisted me back to the hall.

The lost bicycles, the broken clothes, although you can’t forgive you at that time, there will be a time you added later. I really want to return to the ten -year cold window at this moment.

You will help me carry my schoolbags. I really want to look at the high eyes at this moment and distinguish the direction of my home.

I really want to clean up the bag at this moment and sit in the carriage of the Nankai;

I really want to have a migratory bird at this moment, appear beside you, walk into the kitchen you teach me to cook, cook a bowl of hot soup, and talk a few words.


Mom is 65 years old. This photo was shot under the yard’s grape vine after the weaving factory after get off work.Looking closely, you can distinguish the wooden windows at the family.It’s almost 50 years in a blink of an eye, my mother is old, the skin on her face hangs down, and the collagen of the cheeks has lost over time.

I chose this photo because I saw the mother at that time through this photo. It turned out to be such a cute girl, her face was round, and there were deep dimples on one side. Her eyebrows were curved.Mom was once a sweet little girl!In a blink of an eye, I am also 32 years old. I hope that the years will go slower, so that I can accompany my mother for 32 years.

@ @

When her mother was young, she was a school flower, but she liked to frown when she took a picture. This photo with her grandmother had a gentle and quiet feeling.


This is about fifteen years ago. When my mother was 37 or eight years old, she went to Suzhou gardens to take a photo with the unit organized by the unit.My mother has been combing this hairstyle since then, as if she has changed very little for more than ten years, and even wrinkles have not been a few.In fact, long wrinkles are not so -called, but I hope my mother will always be as happy as in the photo.

It is not a photo, but a memory

@黄 Crayon

In the winter of 2008, there was a lot of snow in the south.At that time, I just became a first -year student in elementary school. Wearing my mother’s leather blue new gloves I bought for me, I took this photo with my mother in the snow.Mother is funny and humorous. There is no parental shelter, which is intimate with me.When I was young, my mother was holding my shoulders. Now I and my mother are generally tall. She often colludes with me and does not distinguish between young.

My mother is also a mother who does not mind apologizing to her child. If she realizes that he does not do it properly with the child, she will apologize to the child sincerely.For her, the word of her mother is more of a pure motherhood, a hot, tolerant, and equal love than the parents’ identity.I think I can always say without hesitation that my mother is the most precious gift in my life.Happy dear mother Mother’s Day!Good health, everything is smooth!

@思 思

This was the year when I graduated from college. My mother came to Shanghai to attend my graduation ceremony. We took a group photo before the iconic building of the library.The three English words behind them are dreams, beliefs and love, which is all the gifts that my mother gave me.Mother Mother’s Day Happy.

@ @程

This is my mother -in -law!At that time, my father -in -law was a barefoot doctor in the village. When I went to the south to purchase medicinal materials, I met my mother -in -law.At the age of 23, with her longing and curiosity of the world outside the mountain, she married my father -in -law from Guangyuan, Sichuan to Liaocheng, Shandong.Eight years in the northern countryside is still quite occluded and poverty. The neighbors in the village sighed at this Sichuan woman in high -heeled backbags, thinking that she could not eat the farm work, and lived a bad life.

However, her mother -in -law was not drowned by gossip. She had sent wheat straw to the paper manufacturer, and had been sold to sell Liangpi, opened a small workshop, and rolled noodles. The hundred pounds of corn bags were carried and left.Later, the child was old. When the days turned well, my father -in -law had severe cerebral hemorrhage and lost the ability to work. That year, she was only 49 years old. When everyone thought that this Sichuan woman would leave, she burdens this again.Family in the middle.

Later, it was more difficult. While taking care of my father -in -law, I also had to make money to support my family. Until this year, my father -in -law’s old illness recurred medical treatment invalid. In 9 years, she always did a good job.Now, help me bring a child again, thank her, I will take care of her in the future.

@ @

My mother took a picture of my mother when I listened to me when I was chatting.

@ @

It seems that I really take photos with my mother. This one was taken when I went to travel with the family of May last year. This year, I have n’t returned home because of the epidemic. I really miss my mother.


The cause of the epidemic was not going home for almost two months.I hope my mother can be happy every day.

@ @素

I got married in 2019. That morning my mother got up at five o’clock in the morning. When I was waiting for the relatives at the hotel, she was silent as soon as possible. Sitting on the corner of the sofa watched me and my relatives and friends joked. Later, the photographer told everyoneThe two sat down, and a pair of tears flowed down.

This is the only one in a series of photos that we can’t see very much. In order not to cry from the makeup, neither of us dare not look up at each other.My mother has always been strong like a man in my impression, but since I am married, every time I go home and leave home, she will cry when she sends me, like a child, I will laugh at her; but she actuallyI don’t know, every time I think of her, I think of her, especially if I think about it many years, I cry in 0.00001 seconds.


On the 11th last year, a person took a seven -hour high -speed rail home, and my mother picked me up at the station.The next day I went to the Jiefangbei with my mother. I really like the Jiefangbei. I just walk on the street and feel that it is very satisfied.I hope my best mothers all over the world will always be free, love, and be with me!

It turns out that my mother is so beautiful


Last year, National Day deliberately transferred to the family to accompany the family. On the last day of the holiday, my mother felt that I had never taken me out for a while, and insisted on taking me and my brother to go shopping in Nanping Street.It was said that she took me, but I took her unknowingly. We ate buffet steak, watch exhibitions, go shopping, cycling, and did a lot of things that had no chance to experience together.

When this photo was wearing sunglasses in the 10 yuan store, I randomly captured it without any trimming, but I also felt that she was cool and beautiful.She loves to dress up, but because of life, she has to give up a lot of good experiences; she loves singing, but because she can enjoy this happiness only when she can finally get idle.Don’t forget time, my mother was once a beautiful girl!The undefeated beauty, I wish my dear mother and the mother of the world a happy holiday!❤️

@小 小 小 小

This was taken when I went to Hangzhou with my mother last year.After my mother retired, she wanted to go out to travel. When my mother had a good family condition when she was a child, she had not been traveling for half a lifetime. Now the conditions at home are good. My dad and I hope she can go out to play to see the world.

The first travel was that my mother reported to her friend. Although she was also very happy, I found that the travel group’s itinerary was very tight. In fact, it was not suitable for people of their age, and it was inevitable that there were shopping attractions.So after a small holiday, I will take my mother to travel. I have been to Anhui, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Wuzhen and other places over the years.

I am always happy to travel with me to travel. When I came back, I told my dad: "I can sleep with my daughter to sleep well." I am also very happy to go out with my mother. I also found that her little girl is on everything.I feel novel, I have to eat ice cream when it is hot.This year’s epidemic was serious, and I did not arrange a travel on May Day, and my mother seemed a little regrettable.But it doesn’t matter, I believe that the epidemic will get better!I also hope that in a few years, my father retired. We can go out to see this good river and mountains together!

@ @张

Mom has never taken a formal photo. This is a new clothes specially bought at the wedding of my sister, and it is probably the first time that the mother is made up.The fifty -four -year -old person stood with me and said that my husband was like my sister.I want to tell my mother that the children are big, remove the burden.I hope parents will not work so hard in the future.


Ms. Meixiang is my mother.When she got married, Ms. Mei Xiang didn’t take a wedding photo. In the past two years, I took her in the name of practicing her.When she was shot, the sun was very large, but Ms. Meixiang, who was sweaty and could not open her eyes, cooperated very well throughout the process. After shooting, she also said that she would choose to print out.People are named, Ms. Meixiang is very beautiful, better than the night stars and warm sun.Thank you Ms. Kuan and tolerance Ms. Meixiang for being my mother!


This photo was taken one day before the winter vacation and the day before returning to school.This pig pillow accompanied me to go to college from high school, holding sleep every day.Studying in a university in Shanghai, far away from home, you can go home only in winter and summer vacations every year.When I brought the pillow home in the winter vacation this year, I found that there was a place to break. The day before my home, my mother sewed me with a needle line. I sat on the sofa and watched my mother sewed one by one.

When you are home to the dormitory, you will also look at the traces of needle lines on the pillow, "The dense seams are densely sew, and I am afraid that I will return late.Afterwards, he could finally feel the same.

@ @小 张

Since the memo, my mother’s life is a family of young children and three meals a day, and I have never really paid attention to themselves. This is the first time I took them out of the tour when I was so old. This photo made me see my mother’s eyes.Light, seeing her girl’s heart and seeing her parents’ love.

@ @格

That must be Mr. Yuan, who is straight from my family’s picture!Do you dare to believe this is a charming woman who has had three extra -big surgery at the age of 57?My mother is the most brave and beautiful person I have ever seen. I hope that I will always be happy and happy in the days when I am not by her side.

@小 吴

Mom has always been the best in my eyes!She is always very hardworking, big and small things are trying to do the best.She doesn’t like shopping, and she always has so many sets of clothes back and forth.Her burning rice is super delicious, and she feels very happy when she goes home to eat the rice made by her mother.I must work harder to let my mother live a better life.

Today is Mother’s Day. As the only person who has shared heartbeat with us, do you express your love to your mother?Or talk to my mother.No matter what the way, you always let your mother understand that you love her.

In the end, I am very grateful to the photos sent by the readers and friends who peel off the onions. Some photos have not been displayed on the public account. We will post on Weibo today.

I wish you all a happy Mother’s Day.

School pair: Lu Qian

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