This time after delivery, ovulation will be restored. Don’t wait for menstruation to contracence, otherwise the uterine pressure is too large

Some time ago, she just accompanied her cousin who had just confinement to do postpartum inspections. The cousin was only in her twenties, which is the best age for childbirth.The body recovers well, but the doctor told his cousin that there is a special thing to pay attention to. If there is no plan to have a second child in the short term, it is now 42 days after giving birth.Don’t wait for menstruation to contraception, otherwise the uterine pressure is too high.

Many Baoma mistakenly believe that after menstruation comes, the body starts to ovulate. If sexual behavior occurs, it is possible to get pregnant.Therefore, no contraceptive measures were taken before menstruation, thinking that they would not be pregnant.Many husbands and wives happened in this way, and before the boss gave birth to, his daughter -in -law became pregnant again and was forced to choose a second child.

This error cognition is mainly the orderly order. Basically, the maternal recovery of ovulation can continue to come to menstruation.If there is no contraceptive measures during this period, it is easy to get pregnant if you are susceptible to pregnancy.If there is no second child for the time being, it will cause trouble to the family.

Just after the birth of Dabao, the body has not fully recovered. In addition, it is not easy to take care of a baby.If you are pregnant at this time, you will have insufficient energy, and your body will not be able to eat, and Xiaobao’s health problems in the belly will also have hidden dangers.

If the mother is a cesarean section, it takes three years to heal the wound, so she can only give up this baby.It is also a harm to Baoma’s heart.Even if it is naturally produced, too short fertility interval will cause the baby’s health problem. If the delivery is smooth, it is generally more suitable for the second child for more than two years. A recovery period for the body and the uterus.The pressure of the uterus is too great, and there will be a case of uterine rupture seriously.

Many Baoma pays great attention to the details of pregnancy when she is pregnant.During the period of preparing pregnancy, body nutrients have begun, such as supplementing folic acid and iron.Such Dabao’s health problem is guaranteed, and Erbao is here that there is no preparation at all. In addition, when Baoma is born in Dabao, the calcium, iron elements, and nutrients in the body are basically consumed.All.If you continue to get pregnant, it will affect Xiaobao’s health and prone to malnutrition.

After the first childbirth was completed, the uterus would become soft due to changes in body hormones during breastfeeding.Coupled with the completion of the childbirth, the uterus has not fully returned to the past.If you are pregnant, the uterus is under great pressure and is very risky.

In addition to the energy problems, economic problems cannot be ignored.Dabao was born, and Baoma needs breast milk to feed the baby. There is no way to work, which means that many household income is reduced.Insufficient breast milk, to add milk powder, it is even a big expense.If you are pregnant, the economic situation in the family will not be able to make ends meet in the future.

Most of the postpartum mothers are breast milk babies. At this time, how to contraception at this time, contraceptives cannot be eaten.Short -term and long -term are not good.Otherwise, as breast milk enters the baby’s body, it will cause serious harm to the baby.

Of course, it is also available for feeding breast milk. You can take short -term contraceptives. As the name suggests, it is a contraceptive pill that can be taken in the short term.Short -term contraceptives contain less sex hormones.At the same time, the contraception effect is good, which can adjust the menstrual cycle and relieve menstrual pain.For beautiful women, an unexpected benefit is that it is good for the skin and becomes delicate.It is worth noting that if you have certain diseases, you are not suitable for taking short -term contraceptives. Consult your doctor before eating.

If you don’t want to take contraceptives, Baoma can choose a condom, which is a very common contraceptive measure now.This contraceptive measure is the least harmful to women. The most important point is that the contraception is high.Even if contraception fails, because it is physical, it can still be selected.The condom can also effectively prevent some transmission diseases. Of course, pay attention to the use of drops or damage during use.

Many Baoma will perform another surgery after giving birth, which is the contraceptive ring.Mainly for women’s physiological characteristics, a contraceptive device is placed inside the uterus.However, due to foreign bodies in the body, the body will reject reaction.Lumbar pain, abnormal leucorrhea, and even inflammation will occur in severe cases.If Baoma’s thoughts change and the idea of continuing to have a baby, you can also take out the contraceptive ring, and you can continue to become pregnant.

The contraceptive ring also has disadvantages, that is, it cannot ensure 100 % contraceptive rate. Once the contraceptive fails, it is likely to be ectopic.There is also a year limit for the contraceptive ring. When it comes to time, it will be taken out, otherwise it will be inlaid in the meat and it is not easy to remove.So female friends should choose cautiously.To prevent you from forgetting that there is a contraceptive ring in the body and forget to take out.No matter what kind of contraceptive method Baoma chooses, he should pay attention to protecting his body and your baby’s health.

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