This woman’s "touch porcelain"! After signing the contract for three days, inform the boss to get pregnant, can’t afford it! The boss cancels the company

If I am a boss, I encountered this situation, I guess it feels like eating a pile of Xiang.

If I was a girl at the time, I would feel unjust.

If I am a girl’s colleague, I will feel that this woman may have a pit.

If I am eating melon, oh, no!I just eat melon.

Hello everyone, I am a fun and teachings. This is quite a lot. After a girl in Qingdao signed the labor contract, it was the third day to get pregnant.Then I told the boss.

What did the boss deal with?Logged out the company.Oh my god, this is how much I can’t afford to play, and the trouble of canceling the company’s troubles is done.

But I also know that for many small companies, this maternity leave of pregnancy means too much expenditure, and it may even allow companies to directly collapse, and the profits created or unable to raise this girl.

However, the boss did too much, reorganized the company directly, and recruited all the original class. Oh, no, this girl was missing.

In fact, before knowing that she was pregnant, the girl had entered the company for 3 months.She described itself: After the 3 -month trial period, she found that she was pregnant after three days. She didn’t want to tell the company at first, but she wanted to get up day by day, but she could only tell the company.It was found that the company was canceled, so I didn’t know what I would do, and I wanted to ask the media for help.

So why do I feel that she is touching porcelain?Because the girl said that she was pregnant and she was pregnant, it was impossible to appear within three months, and at least 5 to show their belly.At the same time, he did not tell the company truthfully about his physical condition. At least it was at least major faults. The two sides were wrong and had major misunderstandings.I personally feel that the contract can be revoked, and the party who knows the mistakes must bear the loss caused by it.

A netizen told me that he also brushed this video, and found that the girl itself was holding the purpose of "touching porcelain" because she said in the show because the boss canceled the company.She disrupted her plan, so it was easy to find that she already knew that she was still using it. Entering this company was actually to get maternity leave and subsidy.

But what do you say? Organized institutions or large -capital companies, raising a few pregnant women and gynecology, there is no problem with maternity leave, it is small.Small companies with only hundreds of thousands of funds of mobile funds really can’t afford this kind of game, and survival pressure is too great.I have also been a company by myself, and hiring someone is not hiring a person, or even a family.

I can only say: Girls are good, be considerate of the former boss!Let’s find a bit of strength to continue to refuel and strive to give birth to three babies.

Although the country encourages three babies, the family responsible for this society is the family who wants to have children, not to push this pot to the company. Many small companies can bear the salary of employees and medical social security for employees who create value.It is not easy, and it has fulfilled the social responsibility of a company.

When there are more girls, the direct problem with it is that women find a job more difficult.The living environment will be worse.In this matter, I have a clear standing owner: Although it seems that the boss should be responsible to protect the mother’s interests and social responsibility.But after doing a company, I know that a mother can eat the profits of many small companies.In fact, the company fell, and it was the family of all the employees of the company.

In my opinion, this thing is the risk of this girl’s family who is holding the company’s family.It is really recommended that she should go to a larger company to join the job, instead of thinking about this small company.

“”Listen to me said”

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