This Zhejiang Enterprise College "eats" sludge also eaten from China to foreign countries

Chao News Customer Correspondent Chang Fengmin Liu Qiulin

In the rainy season of Jiangnan, the mud is full of water.The sewage entered the sewage pipe, where did the sludge go?

Recently, the reporter came to Zhejiang Huanxing Machinery Co., Ltd., which specializes in "eating" sludge.

Huanxing Machinery, established in 1989, is mainly engaged in the research and development and manufacturing of chemical equipment such as dry drying tower and reactors required by the fine chemical industry. It is an important equipment supplier of the dye industry.Essence

Coincidentally, Yu Qilin, chairman of Huanxing Machinery, met the industry experts and Professor Wang Kaijun of the School of Environment of Tsinghua University. Since then, he has set foot on a new journey of eating "mud".

"Facing the sewage sludge with an annual output of more than 50 million tons (at a water content of 80%), the safety treatment rate of sludge in my country is only 20%." Wang Kaijun introduced that at present, the sludge treatment of dryization -incineration disposal market almost almost almost almost It has been monopolized by the United States, Japan, and Europe, and the Chinese sludge treatment industry urgently needs its own treatment technology and equipment.

In the huge domestic alternative market, Yu Qilin was moving and acting.As early as 2006, he started the feasibility study of the drying of sludge spray.After completing the basic verification, in August 2007, the daily processing scale of 60 tons/day was prepared for demonstration projects. In order to personally participate in the technical difficulties, the equipment was built in the company’s office, and the debugging operation was successful.It marks the birth of the first duty mud spray drying engineering equipment, and it has also preliminarily confirmed the original point of view of Professor Wang Kaijun -spray technology is used to use the drying of sludge.

Recalling the original research and development process, Yu Qilin was so emotional.Compared with dyes, due to different material characteristics, operating purposes, and industry requirements, spray drying technology is used for sludge treatment, and its arduousness and complexity are not as simple as new research and development technology.

With more than 20 years of experience in equipment research and development and production, the joint research and development team has been optimized by hundreds of operations of drying -incineration parameters, and finally solved a series of problems such as storage, transportation, blocking, wear, purification, and purification of sludge spray drying. Finally, it was successful."Chinese creation" for realizing sludge spraying technology and equipment.

After the birth of the first experimental equipment, Tsinghua University and Huanxing started the industrialization project promotion of sludge spray -drying incineration integrated equipment.

Qianjiang Sewage Treatment Plant is the earliest sewage treatment plant to introduce sludge spray drying technology.The introduction of technology in 2007, the project operation in 2008, the design scale is 360 tons/day for the daily processing of sludge.Shi Renjiang, director of the factory, said that from 1997 to 2007, the factory had always used sanitary landfills for sludge disposal. Due to the high cost of landfill land, and the increase in environmental protection requirements year by year, they hurt their brains.

After the introduction of sludge spray drying technology, it not only reduces the trouble of disposal of the mud external transportation, but also eliminates secondary pollution during transportation.Shi Renjiang has given you a account for everyone to handle the amount of sludge at an average annual process of 80,000 tons, which can save about 10 million yuan per year.After the equipment was transformed in 2017, the whole process was not odorless and smoke, and the social effect was obvious.

The sewage treatment plant located in Shaoxing, Zhejiang, undertakes the task of treatment of industrial wastewater and domestic sewage treatment in Shaoxing City.In 2013, the sludge spray drying technology was introduced, with a daily processing scale of 1,200 tons/day, and it has been operating steadily for 5 years.This is currently the largest sludge spraying treatment project in China, and it is also one of the few sludge disposal projects worldwide.

"The investment cost of domestic sludge spray dry -drying equipment is only 1/3 of the imported equipment, and the operating cost is only 1/2 of other dry incineration processes." Yu Qilin said that Huanxing has established advanced management and securityThe operating technology system has formed a series of mud spray drying technology and equipment standards with independent intellectual property rights, and more than ten sludge spray drying projects have been built. The scale of sludge treatment projects will reach 5,000 tons/day.The amount of mud and concentration will exceed 10,000 tons.

With the national “Belt and Road” strategy, sludge spray drying -incineration technology also went abroad and was successfully applied to Bangladal Dakaka sewage treatment project.The project is located in Daka, the capital of Bangladesh, and it is also the Benne and Myanmar Economic Corridor.Among them, the scale of sludge disposal is 500 tons/day, and the total investment of the project exceeds 100 million yuan, including the construction of 500,000 tons/day sewage treatment plants and supporting sewage pipe networks.This is also the largest international EPC sewage treatment plant project in Southeast Asia to date, marking a major breakthrough in major environmental protection equipment in emerging markets overseas.

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