Those eyebrow girls regret it!I can’t bear to tell you this truth …

Hello, the sisters are good at night!A few days ago, I suddenly saw netizens saying "Zhao Liying wrapped in a bath towel to appear!"

As a result, it turned out to be Reuters ~ In the camera, Yingbao was wrapped in a bath towel (wearing a white skirt inside) to shoot.But I have to say that even if it is confused, I can see that Yingbao’s status is really good ~

There is no heavy makeup and too much modification, it looks like a plain face, and it is still beautiful and fairy.

Even the recent Reuters’ "There is Emerald" is almost no makeup except for eyebrows.Thinking about the makeup is like this!

In recent years, more and more female stars have begun to show their plain face voluntarily or passively in front of the camera.For example, Yang Mi in "Real Man 2" before.

Ju Jingying washed her face online. Ni Nisu’s variety shows can be said to be very bold!Sure enough, the beauty is fearless ~

For our ordinary girls, it is also crucial to be good -looking!Especially sisters with a boyfriend, Su Yan looks good, but it is super bonus ~

There is no way to make makeup forever, and do not want to face a knife.So all kinds of eyebrows, eyelashes, and tooth stickers are born from time to time ~ But are these "small cosmetic surgery" really worth doing?Kaka will talk about today!

First of all, of course, the browsee with the highest inquiries in the background ~ Starting from the popular Korean drama, the eyebrows are sought after by the major beauty PLMM.

Everyone can be said to love and hate. On the one hand, they want to enjoy the pleasure of waking up from makeup, and they can go out without makeup.On the other hand, I am afraid that I will become an abrupt "Crayon Shinhin" …

Not everyone needs eyebrows. If your eyebrows are thick and eyebrows, you like to try different styles of makeup every day.Or there are hypertension, diabetes, pregnancy or physiological period, allergy/scar constitution, Kaka is not recommended for everyone’s eyebrows.

If you are an eyebrow -free star, hand disabled or shaved eyebrows like Wu Jinyan, daily paintings are super points to the eyebrows, and you just want to have the joy of ordinary people’s beautiful eyebrows, then you can continue to look down ~

The most important thing is to choose a professional medical institution. Do not believe in the gimmicks of beauty salons or the "low price" of the small workshop. Although the eyebrows are very common, it still belongs to a minimally invasive medical operation.Entry -induced and damaged.

Professional medical institutions can not only ensure the sanitation of tools and environment to a greater extent, the most important thing is the level of doctors!The professionalism of techniques is the key to determining beauty and ugliness!

Secondly, you must pay attention to communicating a lot before your eyebrows!Each person’s own eyebrow conditions, face shapes, etc. are different. What you like or doctors think you may be suitable, and the type of eyebrow shape is tens of millions.

And the eyebrows themselves are divided into silk eyebrows, fog, and root -fog eyebrows.Be sure to learn more in detail ~

It is recommended that you find some eyebrow maps you like before your eyebrows, and record some eyebrow maps that you are more satisfied with daily. Based on this, you can better communicate with the doctor.Don’t be afraid of trouble, you must adjust and modify it multiple times before determining it

The process of eyebrows is mainly to implant pigment dyes into the surface of the skin. Professional eyebrow materials will not harm your health.But the premise is that you choose a professional institution, and exclude the above Kaka mentioned special groups.

In addition, the eyebrows of the eyebrows must remember that the eyebrows are invasive after all. Once they do it in the short term, they cannot be changed.

After the eyebrows, you must follow the doctor’s order and implement it strictly.Otherwise, it will not only achieve the ideal effect, but also cause adverse reactions after surgery, leading to complications.

In addition to the eyebrows, the eyelashes have also quietly become one of the beautiful homework necessary for beauty lovers.Even ordinary nail shops on the streets and alleys have made eyelashes.

Is the eyelashes look good?Really beautiful!If you just make an eyebrow, you feel like a full makeup.No longer have to worry about eye makeup or eyes, who doesn’t want to be electric eye Barbie every moment?

First of all, it is different from fake eyelashes and brushing mascara. The principle of species of eyelashes is to graft one or more false eyelashes on your real eyelashes.In this process, it is inevitable to use glue, daily nail shops, or irregular institutions. If inferior glue is used, it will cause irritation to the eyes and cause keratitis.

At the same time, the technicians’ techniques and the advantages and disadvantages of eyelash selection will also affect the comfort and health of the eyes. If you belong to the sensitive people of the eyes, Kaka is not recommended to plant eyelashes ~

Based on the principle of the species of eyelashes mentioned earlier, the eyelashes of the false eyelashes will also fall off with the eyelashes.Especially the method of grafting and fake eyelashes on a eyelashes is more likely to cause the eyelashes to fall off.

If you have a taste of early adopters, it is okay to get a single grafting.If it is a long -term periodic eyelashes, it will lead to the thinner eyelashes.Therefore, it is not recommended that everyone frequently grows eyelashes.

First of all, the eyelashes will never be permanent.The maintenance time of the eyelashes is related to its own technician, as well as the daily maintenance of the later period.Usually technicians will tell you that you can maintain about two months.

But in fact, if about a month, it will change the position of grafting eyelashes because of the growth of the eyelashes. The effect is not as good as before.

And if it is not replaced for a long time, the secretion of fat and the residue of cosmetics will cause bacteria to breed bacteria at the root of the eyelashes.

Therefore, if you want to maintain the effect of eye health and good-looking effects, the cycle is usually controlled at about 15-20 days.Of course, Kaka is still not recommended to be so frequent.When you need it for a short time in special occasions, you can consider a single time properly ~

As the saying goes: Beautiful teeth are the first, and the teeth are white and seven.The teeth are good or not, and it is already a part that cannot be ignored in modern and harsh aesthetics.For example, Li Qin was not discussed because of "Yellow".

In the past few years, Liu Tao posted a long article on Weibo, warning everyone not to make beauty teeth for health, and at most, she was put on a thin piece.And this "thin piece" is the tooth sticker noodles that have become popular in recent years.

Tooth stickers are a kind of dental whitening repair. By grinding about 1mm on the surface of the teeth, a material that is approximately normal tooth color on the surface of the deformation or defect to achieve whitening or repairing.

While covering the color of the teeth, it can also repair the dental defect, which can satisfy the beautiful sister who wants a perfect big white teeth.At present, the more popular teeth on the market can be divided into two types: resin veneer and porcelain paste.

The resin is convenient, fast, fast and relatively lower than porcelain paste, while porcelain paste noodles have beautiful colors, small tooth preparation, good anti -liquid absorption, good biocompatibility, abrasion resistance, periodontal health and adhesionThe advantages of firm and reliable.It is recommended that you want to learn more about the cuteness and communicate with the dentist.

If you are dyeing or mild tooth wear (such as small gaps), the angle gaps between the teeth, etc., you can consider trying to use the tooth sticker to improve the beauty.

But if your teeth have a lip or tongue or dislocation, you are used to breathing with your mouth, or abnormal bite of the upper and lower teeth, you have a habit of grinding your teeth at night.Then you may not be suitable for tooth stickers ~

Everyone’s teeth are different, Kaka can only do simple popular science.Interested sisters, don’t forget to consult a professional dentist in a regular medical institution ~ Professional!formal!

Alright ~ That’s it for today’s beauty classroom ~

Tens of millions of beautiful means

Everyone must do more homework and learn more

Choose a professional medical institution!

What are you most interested in/your favorite beautiful means?

Discuss in the message area!

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