Those things in gynecology: Cervical "invade" 4 diseases, and women should pay attention to prevention.

Common cervical diseases include cervical hypertrophy and cervicitis, especially cervical cancer threatened physical health, and even deprive women’s right to be mothers. In fact, cervical diseases are preventable and controllable. Women must master response skills.

1. Cervicitis

Cervicitis is divided into acute and chronic. Patients with acute cervicitis will increase leucorrhea, showing purulentness and accompanied by lower abdomen discomfort and waist pain.Chronic cervicitis is caused by acute cervicitis. The amount of leucorrhea in patients with increased leucorrhea, mucus or milky leucorrhea, or blood wire in the leucorrhea.Accompanied by pain at the bottom of the waist and itching of the vulva.

2. Cervical polyps

Cervical polyps usually occur in women with sexual life. The color of the polyps of the cervical mucosa appears bright red and soft and fragile. It will bleed with a little touch, and there is frequent infection, and the ulcer is finally formed.The other is the polyp in the cervical vagina, which is light red and soft in color.Patients do not have obvious symptoms in the early stage. When the condition develops to the middle and late stages, women will have vaginal bleeding, blood wire or white strap in leucorrhea.

3. Cervical hypertrophy

Cervical hypertrophy is a symptom. It is caused by chronic inflammation stimulation for a long time. The cervix will be congested and edema.Formed cysts.Severe patients will have a bloody leucorrhea, bleeding after sex, and accompanied by symptoms such as frequent urination, urgency and urinary pain.If the inflammation is severely spread to the pelvic area along the uterine salamander, it will cause patients to have a lower abdomen swelling, obvious dysmenorrhea, and pain in the bottom of the waist, especially the pain during sexual life and defecation.Severe patients will affect their childbirth. Cervical hypertrophy must be completely cured before pregnancy to avoid affecting the development of the fetus.

4. Cervical cancer

Early symptoms of cervical cancer are not very obvious. When the condition develops to a certain degree, abnormal vaginal bleeding will occur. Young feminine bleeding and leucorrhea will increase and have obvious smells of vulnerability.Early treatment and early treatment can improve survival.

Kind tips

Women should take care of their bodies and prevent the invasion of gynecological inflammation. Balance is the physical intake of nutrients, maintain a regular schedule, avoid staying up late, and properly exercise the body to enhance physical fitness, reduce the number of artificial abortion, and maintain a positive and optimistic mentality.Women regularly go to the hospital for examination and find problems in time.

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