Those things raised

When I was a child, people raised rabbits to sell money. I raised rabbits because I liked it. Later, raised rabbits to play for children.After 20 days of pregnancy, I knew that I could put a few little rabbits as soon as I touched my stomach, just like the old lady touched the chicken buttocks to see if there was any eggs.

One year, my daughter’s big white rabbit under the cubs, I asked the teachers to guess how many, some said 10, 12, and more.I think everyone must think that a lot of birth, otherwise, will not let everyone guess, the result is no one guess.The correct answer is that the rabbit family planning only gave birth to one.Everyone was a little surprised, and never heard that the rabbit had only one.The mother rabbit’s milk was strong, and she should have been fed a group. As a result, only one was fed. Within half a month, the little rabbit grew a lot. It was fat like a velvet ball.

Speaking of rabbits, he can bring you joy or sorrow to you.One year raised a nest of blue blue rabbits, each of which was half a catty.After the rain, I went to Beishan to cut a basket of goat milk strips to feed them.Don’t mention that the little rabbits eat that happiness, one by one, a small belly eats bulging.The next day was all swollen, I was the murderer who killed those little rabbits.The grass with dew, the grass after the rain must not feed the rabbit.Especially the sheep milk strip, the white milk is toxic.

In winter, I moved the rabbit box to the empty room.The day before the rabbit’s cub, he poured the hair under the belly down the fluff, so that the bunny had a warm home as soon as he was born.The little rabbit rang in the fluffy nest after birth.But one day, the voice was gone, and the nest was not moving.The big rabbit was lying sadly, her eyes were red, as if she had just cried.Where did the little rabbit go? After looking for it for a long time, it was dragged away by the abominable mice.The rabbit’s natural enemies are not only mice, but also abominable weasels.That year, my second brother raised a few big rabbits and heard the rabbit’s scream in the middle of the night.Running out quickly, I saw a big white rabbit running in the west in the moon. My second brother chased up, and I was about to catch it. I did not expect to get out of a weasel from the big rabbit’s body.It turned out that the weasel bit the rabbit’s neck below, and the rabbit pain was unbearable to run with the weasel.As long as the rabbit is at first sight, it will definitely not be alive.

In 1969, the Party Central Committee called on people across the country to dig deep. At that time, it was mainly to prevent the invasion of the Soviet Union, especially nuclear weapons.At that time, every family responded to the government’s call and dug air -proof caves in their own courtyard.Anti -nuclear radiation must be digged at least 5 meters deep, and then dig holes in horizontal. The size must ensure that the family can live in.Our anti -aircover cavity is different.The imports and exports of other people’s houses are one. Our air -raid hole has imports in the east, and there are exports on the west.The anti -aircover hole was dug, but the battle has not been played. What is the use of these two air -to -air prevention caves?So I put one male and one mother and two rabbits in.Throw some foods from the top of the top for them every day.Unexpectedly, the two rabbits had a strong sense of combat reserve, and began to dig out in the cave, and they were very detailed.After people go down, it can’t find it in the cave. Knowing that it is in the cave, you don’t have any way.If you want to grab the mother rabbit, touch your stomach to see if you are pregnant, it is impossible.The scene that happened later shocked and even scared.One day, I went down again. Unexpectedly, the head of a few newly born bunny scattered underground, and my body was gone.According to the traces of the teeth, those little rabbits that have not opened their eyes have been eaten by big rabbits. It is not clear whether they have done the case of their two mouths.According to previous experience judgments, the murderer is likely to be a male rabbit, because he never found that the mother rabbit eats his child.This bloody lesson tells us that when rabbits are pups, we must separate the rabbit.As for why they eat their own biological flesh, they have always been a fan.

All of them are home -raised rabbits, and there are many wild rabbits on the mountain.Whenever the wheat on the mountain is more than one foot height, we go to Mai Tian to use the tactical rabbit.Once, only a teenage child named Lao Tang grabbed a small mountain rabbit. I didn’t know where to put it.The hare can not be able to raise it at home. It will definitely find a way to escape and return to nature.For safety reasons, when I was sleeping at night, I put the little rabbit in the quilt and sleeping with the bunny.When I got up in the morning, the little rabbit was gone. When I opened the quilt, the little rabbit was flattened.

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